Friday, June 12, 2009

Heart of Jesus infinite in mercy

Thirteen years ago I was given a very special gift from the Lord and I love sharing this story of the Lord's great mercy. I am a committed Catholic with a great devotion to the Rosary and the Divine Mercy. But this was not always the case. Before the Lord intervened in my life I lived a very worldly life, I wasn't going to church, hadn't been to Confession for many years and didn't have much of a prayer life. I was not in a state of grace. But all that was soon to change! I was getting pretty disgusted with the way I was living my life and I felt miserable inside.

One day I sat on the edge of my bed and cried out "LORD, I AM FED UP WITH MY LIFE!" Instantly, I was in the presence of this great light and a tremendous feeling of peace and love enveloped me. Rays emanating from the Heart of Jesus pierced my soul and I received an incredible healing. How long I was in His presence I could not tell you, there was no sense of time. No words were spoken, none were needed. It was as if scales were falling off my soul and He knew the real me underneath the filth of years of sin. No words could ever express the infinite mercy and gentleness of Our Lord Jesus Christ and I will always be in awe of His Divine Mercy. When He returned me to my bedroom I was still sitting on my bed just like before, everything around me was the same... but everything inside me was different. Thank you, Lord, my heart is always Yours.(pt. 2 in next post)

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