Friday, June 19, 2009

Heart of Jesus,house of God and gate of heaven

June 19th is The Solemnity of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. Like many others in these unusual times, I am constantly bombarded with triple numbers. It started with 333. Shortly after my conversion I started waking up at 3:33 almost every night. I took this as a call to prayer and I would pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy(more on this in a later post).  Another number which my attention was and is constantly drawn to is 111. (And 777 11:11....I'm sure you get my point.) This happens to many people I know and millions around the world. I believe this is of God. (Why would satan want me to pray for God to have mercy on souls?) At the beginning of June I had a strange dream that I was speaking to the Lord and at the end of it I said "Okay Lord I''ll look up Hosea 11:1.'' The next day I looked it up and the passage read ''When Israel was a child I loved him, out of Egypt I called my son." This is also the beginning of today's 1st reading at Mass so I am not surprised that he laid this on my heart during the month devoted to the Sacred Heart. This passage electrifies me (read 11:1-11). I feel that the Lord is calling his people out of the world (worldliness) and wants us to depend entirely on Him. The reason I feel this way is that I keep getting words similar to these such as Rev.18:1-8 and Jer.50:8. I think that the Lord wants us to live more simply and with great trust in Him and many other people who I have spoken with also feel this divine pull. As an amusing ending to this post, I walked into a store this morning to buy some gift bags. The price on the 3 of them was $1.29 each. My total at the register? You guessed it-$1.11 (I guess the Lord felt that it was a good day for a sale, and Lord, I do appreciate your sense of humor!)

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