Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An interesting observation

I have polymyalgia, or polyfibro-whatchamacallit-myalgia. I call it polyfibro for short since the diagnosis isn't definitive. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome. Both of these cause a lot of pain. I don't mind these things, as they have helped bring me closer to God. I am bringing this up because when I first started blogging I noticed something peculiar. Normally, using the computer causes quite a bit of pain in my hands and arms to the point where I could never stay on long. When I work on my blogs though, I have absolutely no pain in these areas. None. When I am done blogging, the pain returns. Since I type with one finger, this really amazes me as my posts can take a while for me to type.

I adore thee my Lord and my God. All for Thee, Abba.

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