Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What light through yonder window breaks?

Why...mine of course! Insomnia strikes again. I am guessing that sleep will not be mine until I follow the inspirations of the Spirit and print  the word that He has given me. I am going to print it on "Out of Babylon" as that seems a fitting place for it.


  1. I join you in the insomnia dept. Up since 2 AM and quite exhausted today. I always worry that the devil uses my sleeplessness to get busy because he knows it's too hard for me to fight him off when I'm tired and my mind can't focus on what I know is good and true.

    Let's pray for each other.

  2. That's what time I woke up,too. I offer my insomnia up to Him for the conversion of sinners.The middle of the night can be a peaceful time to pray. Yes, let's pray for eachother :)