Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bear with me

Bear with me for a moment as I write about those numbers again. I have noticed a pattern emerging - these numbers appeared in a particular order and I wanted to put down my thoughts on this. I am putting them down in the order that the Lord started drawing my attention to them:
333 - symbolizes the Holy Trinity and a call to prayer.
111 - The Lord is calling his people out of Egypt. In the Bible, Egypt symbolizes slavery, sin, and worldliness.
1111 - Signifies judgment or "the eleventh hour". In other words, the world situation is getting dire.
911 - We are in an emergency situation
12:12 - I am discerning this one through prayer. A couple things have crossed my mind - The Book of Revelation chapter 12 verse 12. Also - an increase in purification, both personal and worldwide. Or as my mother puts it: We now have to completely abandon ourselves to the Lord's mercy because the world is sitting on the edge of a precipice and only God can heal it.

Do you see the pattern?

It helps to remember that God often gives people advance warning, as we see throughout the Bible. How much time in advance? That, I do not know. What I do know is that I have been getting warnings through words and dreams for years now and I take them seriously because all you have to do is look around and the signs of the times are everywhere. In case anyone is, I do not think the end of the world is coming :)


  1. I've noticed some of the same number sequences as you and have always thought I was nuts or just too imaginative. For me it's the whole "3" thing for the most part. As an aside to that...3 really MAJOR earthquakes back to back, etc. I wonder what tornado and hurricane season will be like? I often get awakened from a dead sleep between 3 and 3:30 AM with an urgent feeling...and almost desperate feeling that something or someone needs prayer RIGHT NOW. I am not the kind of person who wakes up and just feels awake....I'm groggy and sluggish at first normally.....except when I'm awakened at 3-3:30 AM...then I'm instantly wide awake. My migraines often come in threes, and often start at 3, 6, 9 or 12 on the clock. Once I start having migraines I'll get three in a row or they last for three days. I could go on with more nitty gritty stuff but I think you get the idea.

  2. Hi Mary ... a very interesting post. The Lord has often spoken to me through numbers and dates in the past. Personally I think we have at least another 400 years, but it is certainly a very serious time in these times.

    I just popped in to say I am leaving the blog world for a time, as my girlfriend has said YES!! and we are getting married at the end of August. Loads to plan! Thanks for all your comments and visits, and I hope to connect again when I come back with a brand new blog. Cheri is continuing as normal, and I hope you enjoy reading about her remarkable experiences. GOd bless, and see you in the plan... Pip :)

  3. Rachel,
    Millions of Christians worldwide get awakened during the middle of the night to pray. Michael Brown has written about this on his site Spirit Daily as well as about some of the other strange phenomena pertaining to numbers. As a matter of fact there are numerous Christian websites that have written about this. Beware of the New Age sites, though, they are everywhere and I believe that they are attaching the wrong meaning to this phenomenon. Rachel, people may think it's nuts but once it starts happening to them they see how it goes beyond mere coincidence. I write about it because I know it is happening to so many people and they want to know why. People may ask, why would God use numbers in this way? My only answer is - look through the Bible, numbers are highly symbolic. God has used numbers throughout history to get a point across.

  4. Congratulations, Pip! That's wonderful news, may God bless you both! We will miss you while you are gone :)

    I'm glad Cheri is going to keep writing! Let me know when you come back to blogging:)

  5. Mary, when I get triplet or quadruplet numbers, they're any digits, not just ones and threes. I got awakened yesterday at 5:55 (I know that was my guardian because I asked to be awakened early) and I'll also find myself up at 2:22 or 12:12. Today in the car I glanced at the mileage (I wasn't the driver) and it was 161.6.

    I count those as repeaters too.

    BTW, if you google "angel numbers," you'll find the new-agers have discovered this phenomenon too and have their own interpretations.

  6. Actually, I have heard of this when I googled the 11:11 phenomenon. Some people see various triples and quadruples. I keep seeing posts that say, "Help! I keep seeing 555 everyday, over and over. What does this mean?" or similar ones like this. I guess we will all find out for sure at some point. It sounds weird to people that it doesn't happen to, kind of like we've all gone crazy ;) I am not against the viewpoint that it is our guardian angels drawing our attention to certain numbers, I just believe that it goes deeper than that. God is purposeful. I am aware that in the Hebrew language that numbers translate into letters, I read about it online but couldn't quite grasp it.

  7. In my case, it's my guardian. We're playing a prayer-game. (I can't see a downside to this. If he's willing to do it, then I'm certainly finding it helpful to be reminded to talk to God throughout the day!)

    About the Hebrew, the letters function as numbers too, as with Roman numerals. But I don't know much beyond that.

  8. It reminds me to pray, too. I can't see a downside either if it draws people into a closer relationship with the Lord provided they are not led astray by the New Age focus on self rather than God.

  9. How amazing that i had a few minutes this late afternoon to peak into your blog here - just this afternoon after we all got home, I walked into my bedroom and immediately noticed my clock read 3:33. As I was taking off my sweater the thought ran through my mind... "He was 33 and He died at 3 o'clock". I felt very inclined to pray so I prayed a brief stanza of the Divine Mercy. The kids were clamoring for me so i was then distracted. Your post makes me realize now that it was definitely the Holy Spirit prompting me - and I heard Him and responded! Wow, who knows who was helped with that prayer?!

  10. Lynn,
    3:00 - 4:00 is mercy hour, I prayed it today, too, while waiting for my daughter's bus. The number 3 is deeply symbolic to God. As you said, Jesus was 33 and died at 3:00, he rose on the 3rd day. The Bible is filled with references to the number 3. I believe that the Holy Spirit prompts people to pray at certain times. Even EWTN does the mercy chaplet at 3:00. I'm glad you responded to his nudging. God understands that we have families, my daughter clamors for my attention, too :) I'm sure our prayers are very helpful!