Monday, June 18, 2012

The Cost of a Soul

 I feel compelled to post this. I think it was reading The Judgment of Gloria Polo that brought this to mind and also the fact that the world doesn't realize just how much trouble we are in spiritually. To be blunt - we are in BIG trouble. I hate to repeat myself over and over (and no doubt the readers of this blog hate it too) but I feel compelled to stress that the entire world is in a state of spiritual emergency. Many ARE aware of how intense the battle is becoming because they feel the prayer burden that God has placed upon them and  they know the immense cost of a soul.

They know the suffering that must be endured bringing the souls of those in mortal sin to the Lord for healing.
The tears, the heaviness, and the pain involved. They pour themselves out night and day. They plead endlessly for others before the Mercy Seat. The thought of a soul, any soul, going to Hell pierces their heart like a sword. It's utterly unbearable to them. It doesn't matter whether they know the person or not... because they know the worth of every single person.

Enter the prayer warriors who take on the spiritual battles meant for others because they know how precious
each and every living person is in the eyes of God.

I'm writing this because the Lord is aware how great the burden is becoming for these intercessors who seek to help draw people out of the depths of the spiritual hell they are living in here on earth. I am aware that a few of the people that read this blog know precisely what I am speaking of and this post is for you.

God is with you. Our Lady is helping you. The saints, the angels, and the souls in Purgatory are helping you. Unite all your prayers with theirs and call upon them constantly. Plunge souls into the sea of God's Mercy and when you feel drained go before the Blessed Sacrament.

Pray The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

And pray The Rosary. Our Lady is a powerful help in the area of spiritual warfare. Satan and his minions are terrified of her.

They actually dread her.


  1. Why are there always spaces in my posts? Oh, well :)

  2. Mary, you are right. The world is in a terrible place and sin is everywhere.

    But I comfort myself in the thought that God has allowed it to be so.

    People are sinning; and others are praying for them. This is no doubt His will.

    Perhaps He is separating the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps He's allowing the devil free rein, within limits. Whatever His reasons, He is still in control.

    By the way, the spaces in your post is to remind us to stop a while and pray!

    God bless.

  3. How precisely you put it - "a spiritual emergency!"

    May we all pray for the prayer warriors as well that they can keep up their prayers till the end in spite of being thrashed both physically and mentally by the demons on a daily basis.....

  4. This is so true and yet sometimes I feel overwhelmed because I know that time is short and so many people need assistance. What am I waiting for I ask myself! Why am I complacent lately? Do you ever feel this way?

  5. Something similar has been in my thoughts, since I read about Gloria Polo's judgement - your post is very helpful and encouraging.

    Thank you, Mary:-)

  6. Yes. YES. Spiritual emergency: YES. Speaking for myself (and I know for so many others), I do NOT hate your reminding us of this, because then I don't feel so alone in seeing what I see. THANK YOU for speaking of this. I think you're helping to call out the troops. God be praised.

  7. Mary,
    I would dare say that the only ones who hate hearing the reminder that our world is in serious trouble may be those who do not believe it to be so.
    Some time ago I came across a prayer for a dying soul in special need~ the soul who may be in danger of going to hell. I do not pray it daily, but every now and them I get a little nudge to pray it, or at least some form of it if I don't have it handy. It makes me think of that part of Gloria Polo's judgement where Jesus brings before her the souls she could have prayed for and didn't.
    And if I may add to your list of weapons for prayer warriors: frequent confession and reception of Holy Communion.
    Thanks for your encouraging words to all prayer warriors.

  8. What a great post very thought provoking well for me at least

  9. Victor,
    The spiritual pain that people are experiencing is immense. God is allowing us to see it so the world will turn back to Him. There is NO life outside of God - that's what so many do not understand.

    The world(in general) is presuming upon His Mercy.

    Oh, prayer pauses! That's good ;)

    God bless!

  10. Madeleine,
    Hmmm...interesting comment. Is your e-mail on your blog?

  11. Monica,
    Yes, I get this way sometimes - we are human after all. But the Lord has been pulling me powerfully lately, (thankfully).

  12. Vicky,
    Yes, that was a powerful story. Someone was telling me today that tears were pouring down her face while reading it. Thanks for your comment!

  13. Nancy,
    No, you are not alone at all in this. You are seeing the truth. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle such as the world has never seen before. I know a lot of people who are aware of this. People speak to me about this a lot. It's weird, people will bring it up out of the blue in conversation. They feel it in their spirits.

  14. Karin,
    You said it! Some people think everything is fine and dandy here right now and they don't want anyone to disturb their "false" peace. Satan doesn't bother people if he has them right where he wants them.

    Definitely Communion and Confession! Thanks for adding that in!

    God bless!

  15. Jo-Anne,
    Thank you. I'm glad others can see this too. God bless!

  16. Mary, thanks for adding the "subscribe by email" gadget! It's my favorite way to read blogs! I probably won't comment much, but you can be sure that I will be reading your every word posted on The Beautiful Gate. Thank you so much, Mary, for all that you do, for your beautiful and moving words, for caring for so many souls in this world of strife. God bless you!

  17. This is a very powerful post. I sometimes have this sense too that we are in very serious trouble and that the situation in the world is urgent and desperate but all too often, I feel this way and allow myself to become almost numb to it by distractions...become comfortable again. I wonder what would happen if when I felt this pressing on my spirit, I prayed instead? Thank you for these thoughts today.

  18. This is from a Vatican exorcist:
    "EVERY HAIL MARY IS LIKE A BLOW ON MY HEAD. IF CHRISTIANS KNEW HOW POWERFUL THE ROSARY WAS, IT WOULD BE MY END." - Father Gabriel Amorth, Chief Excorcist of the Vatican (when one day a colleague of his heard the devil during an Excorcism). "When I am asked how many demons there are, I answer with the words that the demon himself spoke through a demonic: "WE ARE SO MANY THAT, IF WE WERE VISIBLE, WE WOULD DARKEN THE SUN." No wonder Jesus said "Pray without ceasing."


    Yes...I get those darn spaces too. I usually have to into HTML and fix a break...annoying but I like the thought of a pause for prayer...much needed.

  19. Hi Colleen,
    We are in very serious trouble - you are not wrong when you sense this. Prayer is powerful. Wait until you read Theresa's comment :)

  20. Theresa,
    Amen. Amen. Amen. I am having a tremendous witness in the spirit at your words, my friend. Tremendous.

    Funny that you should write about the demons too. I think all the time that if God were to open people's "spiritual eyes" they would understand that we are surrounded by these evil ones today. They trail us like a pack of wolves. The saddest thing is that it is our sins that release them from the pit of hell. I don't care if people think I'm nuts - it's true.

    We have no idea how tremendously merciful God is being right now. No idea at all.

    I wanted to put up the links you left on your blog but I didn't want to do it without asking you first. Do you mind? I think they would be helpful to many of us. Plus, can I put up the words of Fr. Amorth's that you left here?

  21. Go for it : ) The more the merrier...the more to pray!

  22. Mary, I'll never get tired of you writing about this because it's about eternal life and death. Through a Protestant friend of mine I've come to realize how many of them are confused about the truth of God. I just want to go up on a high mountain and yell, "Jesus is the answer to everything! Just come into the Catholic Church and kneel before Him and let Him heal you!"

    The sad thing is that people don't recognize God's chastisements He is already visiting on us. They can't read the signs of the times. The mainstream media contributes greatly to this.

    Like other commenters here, I sometimes don't pray as often as I should, but lately I've had the grace to make the Morning Offering each day and that helps me remember that everything I do is for the salvation of souls and everything becomes a prayer.

  23. Hi Barb,
    Great story on your blog (Eric's conversion story)! Reading stories like that make me appreciate my faith more.

    Praying a morning offering is one of the first things I taught Michaela. It starts the day off on the right note :)

    You're right about many people not being able to read the signs of the times. But that's the part I don't get - it's almost as if God is shouting, "Wake up!" How can people not see the moral decay of our society today? It just steadily gets worse because we are not doing our "jobs" here.
    It leaves me utterly amazed at the mercy and patience of God though :)

  24. And to you, Grace! I was happy to read your post today - I was a bit concerned about your absence since you usually post so often :) Your post was wonderful!

    God bless!

  25. Oh wow, you read Gloria Polo and Luisa Picaretta. Okay, I am linking up to you. Not just because of that but because we have the same favorite friends in heaven. Seriously, I like your blog.

  26. Thanks Anabelle. I just linked to yours too!