Friday, October 30, 2015

Its Name is Chaos

William Blake: Wikimedia Commons

A few months ago I had an extremely vivid dream that I haven't been able to get out of my mind. Normally, I ignore dreams but, every so often, I'll have a real humdinger - extremely vivid, clear and so spiritual in nature that it just sticks with you and makes you think.

In this particular dream, I entered the front door of a house where a group of people had gathered. People were in small groups of three or four talking quietly, when I happened to gaze out the large picture window at the front of the house and saw a storm, the likes of which I had never seen in my life, heading right toward the house. To call it a hurricane would be an understatement. This storm was like a wall of darkness forcing its way across the land - a wall of black so complete that I knew that we had to move fast to get away from it or it would swallow us up. I screamed to the others in the house, "Run! Get out of here now!"

We ran out the back door and across a field but every time I turned my head to look back the howling wall of blackness was getting closer and closer - there was no way we could outrun it, at least not for long.

The storm had a name and its name was "chaos". It formed out of the disorder in the world and gained strength whenever man gravely sinned. The storm was there because God was not. Meaning, wherever God was not welcome the storm named chaos unleashed its fury. It wanted to consume all in its path and was well on its way to doing so.

Ahead of us in the field was a stone wall.

"Up on the wall!" I cried out.

 "Sing songs of praise!"

At this point the storm was right behind us. We scrambled up onto that stone wall and turned to face the storm. We started singing songs of praise as the storm howled its way toward us. Everyone was frightened but kept singing and praising the Lord.

We stood firm as the wall of darkness headed straight for us.

The storm halted in its tracks two feet away from us, as if it had come up against something that it could not break through. We could see nothing but black, though the storm was very loud, as it raged right in front of us.

As the people kept praising the Lord in song, the storm began to dissipate. Within a few minutes a perfect clarity came upon the land. The evening sky lit up with stars. As I was looking up, awe filled my being: there, outlined by stars, was a huge "map" of the United States. The individual states were not marked, just an outline of the US as a whole. Within this "map" were red dots and white "stars" marking areas of the US. The red dots were dull and scattered in various areas throughout the country, sometimes in clusters. The white stars were very bright and you could see them very clearly in each area of the country as well, though there were no clusters like there were with the red dots. In parts of the west, south and northeast there were many more red dots than stars.

Not far from the "map" of the US there were two beasts in the sky outlined in stars. One was reptilian in shape and I couldn't tell what the other was supposed to be. These two beasts were snarling at each other but not attacking. Yet. You could tell they wanted to battle though. I woke up after that.

I don't know what the red dots and white stars were meant to convey in this dream (though I have a guess), nor the two beasts (I have a guess there as well), but I do know that that there is a battle between good and evil going on in this country and that the storm named "chaos" in this dream formed and strengthened due to our sins.

Our sins as individuals, families, and the nation as a whole. Though I may not fully understand this dream and perhaps it meant nothing at all, there is one thing that is clear to me:

There is a storm named chaos and it is here.


  1. Excellent Post, Mary! I'm so glad you're back here and writing.

  2. Thanks, Mallory. I guess this post explains why I have been posting again and why I have been mainly writing about the seven deadly sins and the virtues.

  3. Years ago, in discussion about the state of affairs in the world, a pious nun said that every so often the devil is allowed by God to roam free. God is of course still in control and has put limitations on the harm the devil can do.

    I believe this is the storm/chaos that's roaming in the world today. Many people have excluded God from their life and the devil is filling the empty space.

    Good post, Mary. Thank you.

    God bless.

  4. "I believe this is the storm/chaos that's roaming in the world today. Many people have excluded God from their life and the devil is filling the empty space." Yes, exactly!

    Thanks for commenting, Victor. God bless you, too!

  5. I always find these sorts of dreams fascinating, Mary. When I read this, I immediately thought of the visions of Ezekiel and Revelation. I've also found the dreams of St. John Bosco enlightening and, a few years ago, was awed to find that I had dreamt one of St. John Bosco's dreams, during the week of my conversion. I hadn't heard of him, at the time, so I didn't realise the significance of it all but I've been intrigued by his writings, ever since.

    Given my particular interest in dreams and prophecies, it probably won't surprise you to know that I actually have the interpretation for this dream, Mary. You see, the first beast is a funnel-web spider (of Australian origin, as you know) and the second beast is a red-bellied black snake - also, Australian, of course :). The red and white dots are the places where they have recently laid their eggs. I expect you will have another dream, before too long, and you'll find that the red and white drops have converged to cover the breadth of America. The spiritual interpretation is that we Australians have decided, in the spirit of Christian solidarity, to share our personal riches with our American brothers and sisters.

    Absolutely no need to thank us - enjoy!


  6. Lol, Vicky!! You know I can't beat that commentary! What I DO know is God blesses a generous heart and it seems to me Australians have VERY generous hearts. Possibly TOO generous in this case? I certainly wouldn't want you to give us ALL your funnel-web spiders - that's asking a bit too much of even a generous heart. After all, you need to eat too ;)

    Is the funnel-web spider the one that likes to sneak up on people in bathrooms? Yes, I think you've mentioned this particular critter before..

    Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Wow Mary! That was some dream!!
    I knew your dream sounded familiar as I read it...I've had a similar thing shown to me.
    And I think you'll find the contents of this linked blog post to be very interesting, my friend!


  8. Thanks for the link, Trish! Mark Mallett is right on target - he can see these things so clearly. It's an amazing gift he has and I wish everyone would pay attention to what he says. The reason the storm is called "chaos" is because there is no order without God, only disorder. Disorder is always a warning sign, a "mark" of a godless society, I guess you could say.

  9. Mary, thank you for sharing this. While I haven't had any dreams like this, I feel like I am seeing it every day. I pray for the world, our country, and all of us. God Bless you!

  10. What a dream and revelation Mary! Chaos and scattering are very dark and diabolical forces. It does remind me of Ezekiel and Revelation as Vicky mentioned, who, I must say, is so very generous with her Australian riches! God bless her!!!

  11. Hi Michael, I unite my prayers to yours - this world sure needs them. God bless you too!

  12. Hi Cynthia,
    Lol, yes, Vicky is more than generous! And her photography is beautiful! (But I'll pass on the spiders and snakes...)

  13. I just saw this Mary. Very interesting dream for sure. And so vivid! I will have to come back and read this one again as I need to properly digest it! So amazing.