Thursday, April 21, 2011

Divine Mercy Novena Begins Tomorrow

Each year I pray the Divine Mercy Novena asking God to pour His Mercy upon humanity. The Novena begins tomorrow on Good Friday for all those who would like to join in. You can find the daily prayers at Pray More Novenas. Join us if you can! Thanks!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sabbath Moments

Sabbath moments is a weekly meme hosted by Colleen at Thoughts on Grace. These are the times when we live in the "present moment" and find God's goodness everywhere.

The second half of Lent has been going more smoothly for me than the first half, I must say. Then again, I'm looking at it from a human perspective so...who knows? Just don't ask me about the fasting, okay?  (Blame it on chocolate! Does me in every time!)

In preparation for Holy Week a nearby church held a 40 Hours Devotion and also heard Confessions for 40 hours and I was able to go to Confession, Mass, and Adoration on Monday. This was a great blessing for me as I had been trying to get to Confession before Holy Week and I had missed out on Adoration during the first couple weeks of Lent.

I picked out a beautiful dress for my daughter's First Communion which will take place in a few weeks. Michaela is  very excited and so am I! The only thing I still need to get is the veil. I found one but I have to return it because I want the headband style. The other types are too difficult to keep in place.

The weather here has been beautiful! It actually reached 80 degrees on Monday which is unheard of around here this early in April. The entire week has been gorgeous though it has cooled down a bit since Monday. Michaela and I were able to spend some time outdoors; we went to the park and also had a little picnic on a huge granite slab in the woods near our house. It's nice to be able to spend more time outside now that the weather has improved. Michaela doesn't like being "cooped up" in the house for long and, if I'm being honest, I was feeling a bit stir-crazy myself, so we were both glad to get out of the house.

I hope everyone has a blessed Holy Week!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Yes, I understand they are called shorts...

Maybe a few of you mothers out there can relate to this post.  I had to go to 3 stores today to find shorts for my daughter before I finally found some that were decent. Yes, she's only 7 years old, but, even young children want to keep their behinds covered. I have a big, big problem with the children's clothing these days. They are either too tight or too short and almost always uncomfortable (according to my daughter). Skirts of a decent length are particularly tough to find. I'm not hard to please mind you...I'd just like to see a couple more inches of material over their back ends! The children's styles seem to be just smaller versions of the current teenage trends. It's almost to the point where I don't dare put a shirt into the dryer anymore because I am afraid my daughter's arms won't squeeze into the sleeves.

I can only hope that these styles change before my daughter becomes a teenager. I can already imagine the battles which will take place in this house if they don't.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why I Love Jesus

Puff at New Toronto Catholic Blog has tagged me for a meme called Why I love Jesus. The rules for this meme are:
- Those tagged will share 5 things they "love" about Jesus
- Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers
- Those tagged will provide a link in the comment section
   here with their names so that others can read them

1. Once upon a time, years ago, a broken world-weary young woman cried out to
    Him from the depths of her heart....and He answered immediately.
2. He healed a spiritually crippled woman in the Beautiful Gate of His Heart
    and I am ever so thankful.
3. He feeds me "Heavenly Food"
4. I have a tremendous desire for truth and He is the only place I have ever found
    truly found this.
5. What's not to love about pure love Himself? He poured himself out for me
    and for every one of us despite the great suffering it caused him.

 Thank you, Jesus.

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Okay...well, that's six not five but ...what can I say? I am a curious gal!