Thursday, June 13, 2013

Four Score and Seven Years Ago...

Have you ever lost your taste for all things spiritual for a while? Or for years? You read a book about the saints and it seems dull and flat, as if you were reading a dictionary. No leaps of the spirit while reading the, it's as if you were reading through an encyclopedia, or worse, a boring medical tome. It feels as if you are spiritually deaf and blind to boot. Prayer is so dry that it feels as if you are reciting the Gettysburg address rather than addressing the God of all that is.

You wonder if your mind and heart have gone on vacation. And have forgotten to let you know they were leaving.

You can only hope that they haven't vacated the premises permanently.

Why is God allowing this you ask? Wouldn't it be better if we could pray with our hearts on fire every single day? Or if God's light illumined our hearts and minds to such a degree that prayer always flowed smoothly with nary a distraction? Ever.

"You know, Lord, so I can hurry up, become a saint overnight and do your will. If we could simply get all the "yucky stuff" over with I'm sure things would be better all around."

Yeah...right. Fat chance of that happening.

Well, it was worth a shot in the dark, anyway.

Dark being the key word.

After years and years of these periods of aridity, or worse, desolation, you begin to realize that all this
"yucky stuff" is actually the good stuff. It is during these times that  much of God's hidden work is being done.

 Perseverance is important during periods of aridity or desolation. Here's a helpful link: The Way to Heaven. The entire book is online but I linked specifically to the pages on aridity and desolation. It will give you some relief to know you are in good company!

If this doesn't help, try St. Joseph. He has never failed me when all is dark.


  1. Thank you! Exactly what I needed, exactly this day.

  2. Of course, God could have created a race of robots. All pre-programmed to love Him, obey Him and do His will. Love one another, do good yada yada yada and so on.

    But in his wisdom He created a race of thinking people. People who can reason, question, understand (to a limited degree because we are still mostly stupid)and make decisions. Because this is so, we often, most of us, go this arid desolate place where we don't believe, or don't know what to believe.

    Does God really exist? Is it all real? Does the Bible have any meaning? And so on ...

    God allows this to happen because it helps us grow. Our questioning and doubts can often lead us to the road of discovery. Discovering our God and Creator once again.

    May He bless you always.

  3. Hi Victor,
    Thanks for commenting! After reading it I realized that maybe things aren't quite as arid as I thought since I don't have any doubts in the areas you mention. I guess it could be worse so I am thankful that it is not harder than it already is. I'm glad we are not, even if we can be rather stupid at times ;)

  4. Hugs to you my friend. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  5. Seems to me my summer has been dry, too. I'll pray for you when Our Lady of Peace comes over to AL.

  6. You too, Anabelle? Thanks for your prayers - I'll pray for you also!

  7. We need faithfulness, too, during these desert times. Faithfulness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.
    I go through dry spells from time to time. And dark nights as well. Aridity may be from us and we need to discern that. But they are often from God. This is how he leads us to new places, new ways of praying, new ways of experiencing Him. Many great saints have experienced these dry times. You are in good company!

  8. Thank you. I am needing this now and so glad for a book I can read free! My best day lately was doing the Holy Hour with Pope Francis. It is a struggle to pray and read spiritual things when I just don't feel like it. I know in my mind that this is when we receive the most grace. I just need it to be in my heart.

  9. Mary, thank you for this! God Bless you!

    I have found that the more I learn, and the closer I get to God, the more I notice the "dry patches". I guess in that respect, it is a positive ... you can't notice the gap if there is none!

    God Bless

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