Sunday, March 9, 2014

God called the light day, and the darkness He called night. Got it?

"See? I created day and night and it WAS good."

Some people love Daylight Savings Time - they enjoy the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day.

Me? Not so much.

I never understood (barring wartime) why anyone wants an extra hour of light at the end of the day.

People who struggle with insomnia do not like Daylight Savings Time.

And you know who else hates DST?

New moms, that's who. They hate Daylight Savings Time. With a passion I might add.

And Moms with babies and young children? They hate DST too. Messes up the sleep schedules and all other schedules in the house.

You know who else hates it?

The dads who have to deal with the grouchy moms and kids.

Teenagers also hate it. (What's new?)

People who have to get up early for work hate DST - nurses, doctors, EMT's, firemen, policemen, pharmacists, etc...

The folks who work at bakeries, doughnut shops, TV news (and radio) stations hate it as well.

And dogs hate DST. They can't figure out why their human doesn't come home from work when they are supposed to anymore and why their walk and food schedules are all messed up. They have to wait at the door a lot. For nothing.

So, there are tons of people who hate DST.

And by the looks of the half-empty pews at Mass this morning we are the majority rather than the minority.

Which means God doesn't like Daylight Savings Time either. "My people, my people, what is wrong with the day as I created it? Must you control time itself?"

Yes, Lord, I guess we must. The proof is in the chocolate pudding. (Oops, of those Lenten Freudian slips.)

Man, it felt good to let that out. Been brewin' for ten tears ( THAT proves it, folks - I wrote tears instead of years by accident and the reason for that accident is because...

... my frain is bried due to Staylight Raving Lunatic Time.


  1. It always crives me drazy when the chime tanges, in either direction. I get co sonfused, and it takes me weeks to get in the sink. I mean, in sync. It's like jet lag. In other words, I'm with you.

  2. Yeah, I think you made that pretty clear :) If it's any consolation, it will take me until fall to get in the sink. And my poor jet was lagging all day...

  3. I've never understood why with an infinite number of stars in an infinite universe we have darkness at night. I guess so that we can go to sleep.

    As for controlling time ... did you know that to God time is limitless. It says in the Bible that a day is like 1000 years to Him. Which must have made it difficult for Moses: "Do you want me to go up the mountain for the Commandments tomorrow, or in a 1000 years, God?"

    Apparently Moses was slightly deaf. He went up the mountain and asked for ten condiments.

    We still haven't got DST over here. It will be in a few weeks time - March 30 - when we put the clocks forwards. I normally nail them and sellotape them to the wall so they don't move at all. My watch runs away from me though!

    God bless.

    1. You lucky duck, you have weeks of good sleep still ahead of you. I don't blame you for nailing them to the wall - I nailed it too this morning.

      Ahhh..."sellotape" I'll have to Google that :)

      Oh, Scotch tape...yes, that will work. Thanks for the heads-up!

      I knew that about Moses. I really did.

      Thanks for the laugh, Victor!

  4. Laughing over here. You're the best!
    I'm with you, by the way.

    1. You hate it, I know :) Your husband has to get up at 3:50 instead of 4:50 now and that is just wrong on so many levels, right? (Ask me how I know this.) Don't whip your phone at the wall though - it really does take good pictures. Mine is junk.

  5. Thanks for this, Mary. Most people I know are thrilled over that extra hour of daylight. Not me. I'd rather have my hour of sleep back :) And yes, above all, God in His infinite wisdom made the days perfect. The earthly powers that be think they need to fix what ain't broke.
    Glad you finally let this one out :)

    1. Oh me too! Me too! Some of us cannot afford to lose that precious God ordained night hour...

      I don't know what those earthly powers that be were thinking. But do you think they would be offended if we let them do DST while the rest of us stick with RT?

      Thanks for listening :)

  6. Slept through the homily today, and our priest saw it! I'm with you on this one, Mary!

    1. He probably wished he could do the same (wink, wink). Glad to see I am in good company!

  7. Ha! Ha! I agree even though I'm a morning person! I still have to get to fix my dearest breakfast! No sleep for the weary!

    1. I guess you could call me a morning person as well - a VERY early morning person that is! Though I'm not much interested in worms last time I checked...

  8. OH Mary, thank you for saying what most of us are thinking.....those who are awake that is! Monday, on the TV news,, they were discussing how heart problems...even death are more prevalent the week after the time change. Geeeee, thanks powers that be! I'm having a very unproductive week myself....finding that I'm so distracted and drifting off at odd times. My cat is even grouchy! PS I wouldn't want to be scheduled for morning surgery this week!

  9. Lol. No, I agree on the morning surgery - you could get the wrong tooth pulled :) Most people I know have some trouble adjusting and I'm STILL adjusting a week later!

  10. I`ll give you another category of people who don`t like it--night owls who routinely spend their mornings struggling to get up at a "reasonable time" (like 8 am), and suddenly that "reasonable time" is a whole HOUR earlier than the day before.

    One local commentator likened it to cutting the bottom off a blanket and sewing it to the top to make the blanket come up higher.

    Ten days in, and I'm beginning to adjust.

    The other sad thing is, that when I finally get my hour back in the fall, I will adjust within two days maximum.

  11. too, Stitchwort! I adjust in no time at all when the time police give my hour back! Instantly, actually!