Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blind White Martyrdom

Wilhelm von Kaulbach

If we could see what was going on in the spiritual realm that surrounds us I guarantee our attention would quickly shift away from our present troubles to the real culprits wreaking havoc on our society these days. There's a far more serious battle going on behind the scenes than the day-to-day problems the world is facing.

It's THE war for souls.

It's the battle for the souls of our families, friends and countrymen.

And it is raging like never before in the history of man.

It is the battle for the souls of our children.

The all out, no holds barred, battle for the immortal souls of our loved ones

And WE are the soldiers in the front line.

Yes, we are it.

Little Davids fighting Goliaths the likes of which we have never seen before and never will again.

What is the cost of being part of this front line defense?

Everything you know or think you know.

Or as Dr. Peter Kreeft so succinctly puts it in his article, The Winning Strategy:
T.S. Eliot defines the Christian life as: “A condition of complete simplicity/Costing not less than/Everything.” The price is everything: 100%. A worse martyrdom than the quick noose or stake: the martyrdom of dying daily, dying to all your desires and plans, including your plans about how to become a saint. A blank check to God. 

A blank check to God.

The hardest thing we will ever be called to do because white martyrdom can be more difficult than red. Living can, at times, be more difficult than dying.

I am not downplaying the seriousness of the various crises that the world is facing right now, by any means. We have to address those as well.

But, there is more at stake here than the loss of our physical lives.

Eternity is at stake.

 And the most frightening thing is:

 Half of the people here on earth aren't even aware there is a war going on.


  1. Thank you for this post Mary. I have shared it on my Google account. It deserves a wider audience.

    God bless.

  2. Thank you, Victor - I appreciate that.

    Though you may change your mind after you see the comments I just made about kitty litter problems on your blog (wink, wink)!

    1. I've seen your comments and I have replied there. Did you read the post warning about Vacuum Cleaners? I think the problem started there.

      God bless.

  3. A hundred yeses, a thousand amens. This very thing was on my mind this morning, and you have written it so well, Victor is right - it deserves a really wide audience.

  4. Thank you, Nancy - I appreciate the feedback!

  5. Beautifully said Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind words.

  6. Thank you, Colleen! Sending you a big hug!

  7. The only thing I would disagree with is the "Half of the people here on earth aren't even aware there is a war going on." As near as I can tell it is well more than half, even many who adhere to one form of Christianity or other.

    Another thought, it's probably a really good thing that we can't see with earthly eyes the demons on attack all around us. It does make me return again and again to St. Paul's words, "I can do all these things in him who strengtheneth me." (Phil. 4:13)
    Since He already kicked Satan's ____, as long as we stand behind Him in the battle we'll be OK.

    I really like this post.

  8. Thanks for your input, Barb. I was being generous when I said half...lol. I have to agree that it is more than half though many people do sense something "off" about these days.

    Oh yes, a very good thing we cannot see it with our earthly eyes! The signs are clear enough as it is. Whenever we see chaos we know who is at the root of it.

    Yes, He certainly did kick Satan's butt :) Thanks for commenting!

  9. So true - so many people are totally unaware - even those who are baptized Catholic. I love the "blank check to God" - that is really a daily surrender! Sharing this post on G+ - great words!

  10. Thank you, Debbie! I just visited your blog and see that we are on the same page when it comes to daily surrender.Which I also blow daily I have to add :) But as you say, the growth is in the struggles. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Well said, Mary! I think you are spot on with your observations.
    White martyrdom ...the war for souls...a blank check to God. It's easy to say yes to all that but without His grace and strength in our hearts we can never fight this battle. Thank Heaven, for the angels who fight with us! To God be the victory. Amen!!

  12. Hi Trish,
    Great comment! Yes, only through grace can this be done. It sounds like an easy thing to give our yes to God but we know what a long and hard road it truly is. I love Peter Kreeft's words about a "blank check to God" but I am also aware how truly difficult it is to live this out.

  13. And you said you didn't understand "Living in the Divine Will". You've just surmised it very well, dying in every moment to yourself and saying "yes" to let God's Will take front and center. The only one who has done this perfectly, besides Jesus, since the moment of conception to death is Mary, but we're all called to it.

  14. Lol! Thanks, Shelly - it's good to know that I may be able to understand "on accident" what I failed to understand when I tried to, if you know what I mean. I think over time things become clearer as we grow in wisdom.

  15. Powerful post Mary. God Bless you for this call to action.

  16. Yes, very powerful and true words. This is wonderful focus and does indeed deserve a wide audience. So grateful for warriors like yourself and the wonderful voices from your readers in the comments. There is hope and there is grace. And prayer, and more prayer....Thank you Mary.

  17. "There is hope and there is grace. And prayer, and more prayer..." Amen. I love that comment!

    Thank you, Cynthia - I appreciate the feedback.

  18. What a blessing to find your blog!
    I have been called to Intercessory and healing prayer. I rejoice for all the sisters who have answered the call to Intercessory prayer, but believe that God is calling at least as many men. I wonder if it is harder for us to answer the call.
    Thanks so much for your apostolate.

  19. I agree, Alan - I believe God is calling men to intercessory prayer too. Many people are being called to this - perhaps like never before!

  20. Mary,

    I am new to blogging and am so glad to have found your blog. You give one much food for thought for the mind and soul.

    Thank you for such inspiring words that you share with your readers.


  21. Hi Sue,
    Thank you for visiting. And welcome to blogging!

  22. Just a quick note to wish you and yours a Happy & Peaceful New Year.

    God bless.

  23. Thank you, Victor! I wish you the same!

  24. Mary, that was one powerful and timely post! How I wish more people out there were aware of the war in their own homes, and aware of it as what it is - a HUGE WAR. Nothing less. Sometimes, I think it is easier to get worked up over world issues, than to set our backyard in order.

    Also, whilst I don't, for a moment, think that we should hide ourselves under a rock and feign oblivion to world crises, we should see that many of the global sorrows we face have their roots in failed family dynamics. So, doing what we can to set things right in our homes, struggling in the Lord to care for our families, etc is working at the grass roots level to right the wrongs in the world.

    And we should not undermine or trivialize that.

  25. I love your comment, Caitlynnegrace. I think many people today underestimate the importance of families and much of the chaos we see today is, as you say, due to this lack of understanding.No doubt, families have come under tremendous attack over the past 50 years and we can see the terrible mark this has left on society as a whole. The cure for it begins at home. Thank you - your comment is very insightful!