Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freedom of speech

"The Lord has given me

a well trained tongue,

That I might speak to the weary

aword that will rouse them."

Many of you may recognize these words from Isaiah ch. 50, it is one of the "Servant of the Lord" passages and that chapter is one of my favorites. Everything that comes out of our mouth matters. We can use this gift from the Lord to uplift, to glorify, to give comfort and to help others. It can also be used to cause harm through gossip, calumny, anger....In this backwards world this gift is being misused in a way that has never before been seen. On talk shows people's reputations are ripped to shreds, movies are filled with blasphemy, the Lord's name is taken in vain, telling lies is acceptable, bad means good and so forth. This is not true freedom of speech, this is a form of bondage! True freedom never causes deliberate harm to others, true Godly freedom builds up the body of Christ, it does not tear down unless it is not of God in the first place. There are times when we are called to speak loudly but in a peaceable manner, such as concerns abortion. I usually do my journal entries on but I thought this poem was fitting for this post.

Better left unsaid
these words coiled
on my tongue
ready to spring forth
I sucked them
back into my head
better left unsaid
they crept back into place
catnapped on the
edge of my lips
I swallowed them instead
better left unsaid

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