Tuesday, September 7, 2010


How to tell if your child is a magnifikid:

-Magnifikids look forward to Sunday Mass without having a Summer Sprinkle Doughnut dangled over their heads
-One bathroom visit suffices for these saints in the making
-When reminded of a Holy Day of Obligation they do not yell out "Again! But we already went to Church this week!"
-Mommy's purse is in the same condition after Mass as when she entered and gum is still in the    
  zippered section
- The Catholic Charities envelopes are left intact and do not need to be sent out with pictures of kittens and flowers all over the front
- They do not ask why the priest sounds like the adults on Peanuts (WANH WANH? WAH WAH WAH)
- They know that the children's missal Magnifikid does not make a good paper airplane
                                              and last but not least

-They do not grin and shout "AMEN!" after the final blessing


  1. Some visiting priests in our church DO go WANH WANH WAH WAH WAH ... ad infinitum.

    They do it in English and sometimes in Latin too ... WANHISCUM WAHISCUM WAHISCUM and so on.

    God bless.

  2. Well...okay, I admit a few do sound like that, Victor ;) Does that mean I am not a magnifiparent?
    In case you don't have Magnifikid Magazine over there it is a missal that helps children follow along at Mass and learn about their faith. Only, in my case, it just gives my child one more thing to play with in church. Today, (God is good) I get to attend Mass alone! Can't help but be excited to have no interruptions during Mass.

    I thought I heard the word wahiscum somewhere before but I could have sworn it was a type of cheese :)

  3. Love this post. I taught in a Catholic school for several years and yes took them to mass so I can identify. smile

    So glad to meet you and hope to get to know you better, Mary.

    In Christ's love,

  4. Loved this post Mary.....I think you are a Magnifiparent......:-)Hugs

  5. Dianne,
    Thank you for visiting my blog :) I was over on yours earlier today and thought it was beautiful! I'm very glad to meet you.
    My daughter doesn't really make paper airplanes at church but she HAS done the other things over the years. I can't be too hard on her though because I remember snapping the hat holders on the back of the pews when I was a kid and my mother frowning at me and telling me to be quiet :)

  6. Thank you, Bernie :) I would like to be a magnifiparent who doesn't get frazzled when my daughter's behavior isn't so great during Mass. Hugs to you too!

  7. I'm sorry Mary ... I think I missed the point. What is a Magnifiparent?

    I haven't seen the Magnifikid Magazine over here in the UK ... it may well exist and I missed it.

    I'm certain you're a Magnificient Parent from the posts I've read here. You've done things many wouldn't ... like that day you cleaned the toilet in church.

    God bless you always.

  8. Victor,
    I believe Magnifikid is an American magazine so I wasn't sure if you had heard of it. It's a little follow along manual for church. Americans love "How to" manuals. Maybe they should put out a magazine called Magnifiparent to help parents teach their kids how to to pay attention to their Magnifikid missal ;)

  9. Mary, so true, so true. I think it is a problem in society as a whole. Children need to be entertained, it seems, 24/7. Back in the day, if a parent said, "don't move" you didn't and Church was a sacred,quiet place and a kid just knew it. Perhaps a visit to church when no Mass is being celebrated may help or reading a child a book on what the Mass is about may help a kid be a Magnifikid.

  10. Hi Nanette! How are you? Yes, things were different when we were kids! My daughter CAN sit still and pay attention but she isn't consistent and I'm trying to teach her how important it is to be reverent. Thanks for commenting :)

  11. Nice post Mary. Thank you for your kind words to me as well. Blessings.

  12. May God bless you, too, JBR :) You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Back in the day, I was not a Magnifikid, as I had a fascination with paper airplanes, and would have certainly used Magnifikid Magazine to sharpen my aeronautical skills. (I have since "seen the light" of course)

  14. Robert,
    My husband's aeronautical skills are unmatched as of yet. His paper airplanes fly farther than any I've seen. Maybe he's finally met his match!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog today and loved your post on the Nativity of Mary!