Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New blogs - 2010

Victor at Time for Reflections recently shared an idea for a meme that focuses on new bloggers. This meme would give people a chance to read some great new blogs that have entered the blogosphere in 2010. The rules are simple:

1.  Provide links to one or two new blogs (2010) that you enjoy and would like to share with others
2. Tag 2 other bloggers to do the same
3. Visit the new blogs!

Here are two that I recommend:

Heart for God - Mom with a Heart for God is a Catholic convert and the mother of 4 young children. Great blog! Today is a perfect day to pray The Litany of Our Mother of Mothers that is posted.

Crooked Halo - This is a new addition to the Catholic blogging community. Nanette is a lovely lady who enjoys writing about her Catholic faith and loves to cook. Check out her recipes at Cucina Nanette!

I tag Victor at Time for Reflections and Colleen at Thoughts on Grace. Let me know after you've completed the meme!


  1. I have been following "Heart of God" for sometime. This is one of my all time favorites! Thanks for sharing this blog!

  2. Hi DG! Yes, it's a very good blog!

  3. Thanks for the tag! And the links!

  4. OK, Mary! Visit my blog to check out a new blogger!

  5. Oh Mary I think you are wonderful to do this, I will go and visit these blogs and will do all I can to help them feel welcome in blogland. I just wish we had more Mary333 in the world......:-)Hugs

  6. Bernie,
    I'm sure they will feel blessed to meet you just as the rest of us bloggers do! Hugs to you, too, Bernie!

  7. Colleen and Victor,
    That was fast! I forget that not everyone is as slow on a computer as I am! I'm looking forward to visiting the sites you have linked.