Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sabbath Moments - Miraculous picture of Jesus?

Sabbath Moments is a weekly meme hosted by Colleen at Thoughts on Grace. These are the moments when we "let go and let God" and try to live in the present moment.

This Advent I am trying not to complain. It's not that I complain out loud a lot but I catch myself grumbling in my head. Earlier this week I told the Lord I would try not to grumble and would try to just let things be. Well, guess what? Within a few hours I lost my internet connection. A few hours later the heat and hot water went.

So what did I grumble about?

The internet connection. Yep.You heard that right.  I washed up in freezing cold water and it didn't bother me a bit. Neither did my cold toes. Frostbite could have probably set in and I'd have never noticed. But having no internet? This irked me to no end. And that, folks, is why this lady has to fast from the computer now and then!

On a brighter note, I was looking at one of my favorite pictures of Jesus this week. Supposedly it's a miraculous picture (I posted it below)  but whether it is or not doesn't matter one whit to me. I just like it and it makes me smile. Here's why:

About ten years ago I was going through a tough period in my life both physically and spiritually. One day while I was talking to the Lord I said, "You know what, Jesus? I don't think I've ever seen a picture of you smiling. You must have smiled and laughed during your life on earth but I guess no one thinks of you like that. I wish I could see a picture of you happy." I didn't mention this to anyone.

The very next week a lady I worked with gave me a copy of a photograph. It was a picture of Jesus smiling. She was translating some books about Luisa Picaretta, the mystic, for some sisters at a nearby convent and one of the nuns had given it to her. The story that Sister told her was this:

Another sister (I don't know what Order) had taken a picture of a priest during the Consecration at Mass (no idea why) and after the picture was developed it showed Jesus instead of the priest. The priest is still in the picture though - if you look at Jesus' heart area you can see the outline of the priest with the Host raised
in his hands. It's not as clear as the picture I have but you can still see it if you look.

I tried to research this photo on the internet but couldn't find anything. And if it's a's still a miracle to me. It was the one and only time I had ever told the Lord that I wished I could see him smiling and one week later I was given this picture. 


  1. Awesome Mary..... Oh my Mary what you encountered early this past week!

    Wow some of those stories are truly amazing about Jesus. Love the one with you desiring a smiling picture.

  2. Weird, but I think it's really Him. I feel in my heart that I recognize Him.

  3. Amazing! Wouldn't you love to know more about the priest?

  4. JBR,
    So much for not complaining, huh? I didn't last very long ;)

  5. Maria,
    It may very well be. I couldn't find any other information on the picture other than what my friend told me. Could you see the priest near his heart area? It's clear to me because I look at the picture a lot but I don't know how clear it is to others.

  6. Anne,
    My friend told me the name of the priest in the picture and the nun who took it but I can't remember what they are. It's a beautiful picture, though!

  7. Yes, I thought I wouldn't be able to see the priest, because I'm really bad at seeing that sort of thing, but it was very clear, the priest holding up the host during the consecration.

  8. LOL! I too get irked when the internet goes out. But washing in cold water probably would have irked me more! Anyway, I spend more time on the computer than I should, so I probably should "fast" from it at times as well.

    I've never seen this picture of Jesus before, but I like it. However, I can't make out a priest in the middle of it. (Perhaps I'd have to see the picture in person rather than online.) Miraculous? I'd be very skeptical, though I agree that it would be good to have more pictures that depict our Lord laughing and smiling. I'm sure he wasn't a sourpuss!

    Back in the late 90's, a film adaptation of the gospel of Matthew was made (not something shown in theaters--it covered all of Matthew and was sold as a set of video tapes or DVDs). Anyway, the actor playing Jesus frequently smiled, laughed, and even joked with people. I wouldn't be surprised if Jesus really was that way. :-)


  9. Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing. And I am working on my grumbling, too. :)

  10. Mary, I love your story and the picture of Jesus smiling.

  11. Evan,
    Well, I have to admit that I didn't take a full shower in the cold water. Perhaps THAT would have set my priorities straight ;)
    I wanted to circle the priest but I had no idea how. I'm awful with computers! I never saw the film you mention here but it sounds good. The way I think of it is that Jesus had to have had a good sense of humor to deal with the apostles!They were certainly very human and some of their antics must have made him laugh. I'm sure He wasn't "a sourpuss", too! Funny, Evan! The sourpuss comment made me laugh!

  12. Thanks, Colleen. Actually, I've caught myself grumbling in my head a number of times this week. It's kind of funny because obviously grumbling doesn't change anything. I was going to say that I'm glad that I'm not the only one that grumbles but then I realized how awful that sounded ;)

  13. Hi Barb! I'm glad you liked the story and the picture. Miraculous or not - it's a great picture!

  14. Wonderful. I enlarged the picture and then saw the priest.

  15. That is amazing. Coincidentally enough, I started a post two weeks ago about the fact that Jesus is always portrayed so sternly throughout scripture. I might have to resurrect that and finish it now.

    God Bless you!

  16. This is beautiful. The picture is lovely indeed..and when you look at want it to be Him so much. :-)

  17. Lovely n wonderful share dear Sis in Christ.....i searched for de same, Our Smiling Jesus.... in a fraction of a second i got dis page..... amazing n awesome are His ways..... Love Him completely.....
    Stay Blessed and in Him.... Love...- Mona