Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Small Word

In my last post I wrote about how deadly silence can be. Today, I posted at the
 Association of Catholic Women Bloggers  about the power of one small
 word. You can read it here.

I hope you'll stop in for a visit at this new site and check out some of the wonderful
posts from other Catholic bloggers while you are there.  The Association of Catholic
Women Bloggers is growing by leaps and bounds each day.

 May Our Lord bless each of our efforts in communicating our Faith to others
 and may He guide our hearts and hands as we write.      Amen


  1. Why the Association of Catholic WOMEN Bloggers and not just the Association of Catholic Bloggers?

    God bless.

  2. Victor,
    Good question. I'm not sure why - there are men writing on the site now too so I guess it would make sense if it were called the Association of Catholic Bloggers. I'll ask :)

  3. Thank you. Awaiting with interest.

    God bless.

  4. I just sent an e-mail off to one of the ladies who started this site so I'll let you know after she e-mails me back. God bless you, too, Victor!