Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Dog is Buzzed

My elderly dog was put on a new pain medication for his arthritis today and I could swear that he is buzzed. I just watched him try to get a drink of water and he had trouble lining up his head with the bowl. When he DID get it over the bowl his tongue missed the water at first. I only gave him a quarter of a tablet as the vet recommended so I was surprised at how odd his behavior is. I can only assume that it made his head fuzzy. It's quite funny to watch. Hilarious actually. (Down PETA!) At least I know he's getting a bit of relief! He's very old (fourteen) for his breed; they usually only live for about twelve years. Hopefully, he'll adjust to the new medication because the stuff he was on before bothered his stomach. I'm not sure bumping into things will help the arthritis though.

Don't ask me why I'm posting this.

It's this or scrubbing down the bathroom I guess.

Unfortunately, it's tough to post spiritual stuff with 4 girls under the age of nine running around here. Plus, there's only one bathroom...

Anyway, offering up high-pitched squeals and shrieks is helpful to the souls in purgatory, you know. I'm getting a lot accomplished despite how things look. Goes to show how looks can be deceiving, doesn't it?

I had to look up high-pitched on Google because I couldn't remember if it was one word or not. So, I tapped in high-pitched and Google suggested "high-pitched bowel sounds". Is it only me or are computers taking over the world lately?

As a side note, my husband says PETA means "people eating tasty animals". Unfortunately... he tells PETA that too.

And, yes, he's from Texas...


  1. LOL Mary. Sounds like when our cat gets into the catnip :-) Sorry to hear your dog is in pain. My friend's dog's vet recommended Tri-plex?? She thinks it is helping. Others recommend Glucosamine?? I hope and pray he is feeling better soon.
    BTW, my men would agree with your husband PETA :-)

  2. Thank you, Esther :) Tri-plex? I'll have to look into that one. We tried to give him a dog supplement from the vets that contained glucosamine but he didn't like the taste and refused it. I don't think he cares if he's buzzed as long as it helps the pain - he seems happy! Lol! Just a bit confused though! I'll look up Tri-plex because I'd like to make him as comfortable as possible.

    A lot of men like a thick, juicy steak ;)

  3. So sorry to hear about your dog.

    Arthritis can be painful. A friend of mine was advised by the doctor to keep away from all dampness. Now he sits in the bath and vaccuum cleans himself.

    God bless.

  4. Victor,
    My poor dog looks like a robot when he walks. On damp days it's worse. Too bad he's afraid of the vacuum...

    Lol! Well, on the bright side he won't have to raid the whiskey stash anymore! The pain meds are sending him for a loop!

  5. Very funny. Glad your dog is getting some relief. Our little six year old part boxer puppy has been on glucosamine for a couple of years now because she tore the cruciate ligaments in her back knees and went bone on bone. We had one knee fixed and the vet recommended to stop there, but she already had arthritis at age four. She still runs and leaps and acts looney tunes when she thinks she's getting a ride in the car.

    Love your husband's PETA joke. I agree.

  6. Ouch! Your poor pup! The glucosamine must be helping if she runs and leaps though:) The medication seems to help my dog but it does seem to make him a bit woozy. They had to take him off the NSAIDS for a while because they were bothering his stomach so much. I'm going to try finding an alternative remedy that helps too. As I told the vet, I just want him to be as comfortable as possible. I know he doesn't have very long but he keeps surprising us :)

    I like steaks too, Barb! Lol!

  7. Hope your dog is feeling better and gets used to the medicine!

  8. I am laughing so hard right now. Thanks for that.

    God Bless you.