Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can I Roll My Eyes Too?

A conversation between Michaela and Randy that I overheard yesterday:

"Peanut, eat your carrots. You want to have good eyesight don't you? Bunnies eat carrots and I bet you'll never see a bunny with glasses."

Michaela rolls her eyes. "Daddy, I've never seen a bird with glasses either but that doesn't mean I'm gonna eat worms."



  1. hee hee!
    This made me laugh out loud!

  2. Thanks for the smile!

    God Bless.

  3. That's great! look out you've got a smart one there.

  4. This is brilliant. Well done Michaela. I need you to write jokes for my Blog.

    God bless you.

  5. Hi Mary, It's Bonnie. So cute!
    I've adopted a Cardinal too. I have Cardinal Peter Erdo of Hungary. Father Kelly in Nashua, may he rest in peace, was wonderful. And we're fortunate, Fr. Kerper is too. Have a great day.

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Yes, I really miss him - he was a wonderful priest. Glad you adopted a Cardinal!

    When you get back to this area do you think you could e-mail me? My e-mail is on my profile. If you click on the profile you'll see it on the side. Thanks!

  7. You don't have to go far to get a good laugh! So cute! Hope you are having a good Lent.

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  9. What a quick wit Michaela has! I love it!

  10. Hi Monica,
    Yes, Lent is going quite well! For you too I hope!

  11. Hi Nancy,
    Not much gets past her :)

  12. Hi Mary, It's Bonnie. I will be back in NH about mid May and I will send you an e-mail for sure.

  13. Hi Bonnie,
    Thank you. You're not missing much here - we have another storm coming tomorrow :)

  14. Hi Mary! Visiting from Sue Elvis' blog. I just had to meet her sweet friend...and my daughter is named Mary. I know, at only age 8, that's an odd name among the secular crowd. Fortunately, we hang mostly with Catholic peeps who don't do a "double take" when we call her home! LOl

    Just read "Smell the Rotting Souls". Fabulous post. I suppose I should hop over and read the rest of the article.

    This is clearly another God-moment...a prompting from the Holy Spirit that I am on the right track after sharing a painful and shameful past on my own blog.

    Sin is sin. We need folks, especially good and holy priests to call it like it is.


  15. Hi Val,
    Thank you for visiting my blog! Sue is very kind to write such sweet things about me :)

    The name Mary was very popular when I was a child but not so much these days. May I say:
    I like your daughter's name! Lol.

    I agree with you about sin and holy priests telling it like it is.

    God bless!

  16. Too, too, funny! Kids are so great. What do you do for a comeback after that comment?!