Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Catholic Treasures

Each week I would like to feature a blog or website that I enjoy visiting that reflects the richness of our Catholic Faith.  We are blessed to have a vast array of sites dedicated to sharing that faith with others. This week, to start off, I am featuring two. One is a blog I've been following for a while, the other is a brand new website by the same author :

Thoughts on Grace - a great blog authored by Colleen Spiro. Colleen shares her reflections on God and her thoughts on spirituality with us at this site.

Catholic Prayer Life - Colleen's new website! At Catholic Prayer Life you can find information on Catholic spirituality, Catholic prayers and devotions, E-cards, audio reflections, and more!

Check them out!


  1. Two of my very favorites! (As is The Beautiful Gate!) Thanks for sharing this new feature...I look forward to visiting your recommended sites!

  2. Mary! You are too kind! Thank you so much. I feel so blessed to have such supportive blogging buddies. God bless!

  3. Judy,
    Benmakesten will be one of my featured sites in the weeks to come. It is my favorite Catholic family site! May God bless the work you are doing for Him :)

  4. Colleen,
    I love your new site and have already visited it a number of times. I know it must have been a lot of work - it's awesome!

  5. Mary, thank you for sharing the links. I am certainly familiar with Colleen. blessings.

  6. To me catholic treasures are catholic books written by the saints. One of my favorite is Diary of St Faustina. There are wealth of that available online

    God Bless

  7. Anonymous,
    Yes, I have St. Faustina's Diary as well as many books written by the saints. They are certainly Catholic treasures :) The Catholic website I refer to above contains links to the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and many other Catholic Prayers, including Novenas. It's an excellent site.