Thursday, October 14, 2010

Uncomplicated God

God is uncomplicated. It is we, as fallen human beings, who tend to complicate things so much. If there is one thing that I am sure about it is the simplicity of God. In our worldliness, we often carry the false notion that we must do great things to be pleasing to God when nothing is further from the truth. We heap unnecessary burdens on ourselves and others and then get upset because we are stressed out and lack peace. Humans tend to equate their self worth with what they do rather than who they are when actually our worth is in the fact that we are created in the image of God and this is innate to our being.  This cannot be stripped from us, it is God's fingerprint upon us and marks us as his children.

God is not a hard taskmaster.  Humans are hard taskmasters. If we think about this, we can see that this is true. Doesn't society these days push productivity to the nth degree? There is nothing wrong with being productive, it is when a human is judged by the amount he or she can produce rather than who and what he or she is that trouble rears it's ugly head. A society that judges human worth on production alone turns people into machines. Where does this leave the very young and the elderly? They come to be seen as  burdens instead of the gifts of love that they are. Abortion and euthanasia are the fruits of this ungodly value system and we are reaping in tears what we have sown in our unwillingness to love unconditionally. 

God places tremendous value on human life. The elderly and the young are his pride and joy. The young are untainted by the world and just beginning their journey here and the elderly are finishing their blessed journey and preparing for their rebirth into heaven. If we gaze long enough and hard enough into their eyes, we just might catch a glimpse of eternity.


  1. Beautiful post, Mary. I sometimes people confuse the mystery of God with His being complicated. Mysterious He is, but you are right He is not complicated- we do that.
    I love your ending to this post about catching a glimpse into the eyes of the young and the elderly and catching a glimpse of eternity.
    Thanks for some meditation material- the simplicity of God.
    God bless!

  2. Karin,
    Yes, you've hit it right on the nose :) I have been meditating on the simplicity of God and decided to write a few posts about it. It is an aspect of Him that fascinates me. Thanks for your comment:)

  3. This is a very wise and thoughtful post. It should be repeated often and used as part of children's education.

    The world has lost its way in the pursuit of productivity and money. It cannot serve two masters and has forgotten about its Creator.

    The old are a burden ... around where I live there are at least five homes with one elderly person living there. They all have relatives living not far (maximum 50 miles) but they are never visited. One person died alone in hospital. She was soon "visited" at the reading of the Will.

    The young are finding it hard to get jobs. They grow up dismayed and resentful.

    Great post Mary. Thank you.

    I've responded to your questions on my Blog.

    God bless.

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    God bless.

  5. LOL! What would I do without all the kind bloggers who have taught me how to do things in an easier fashion! And there have been many! Thank you, Victor :)

    Isn't it amazing that I even have a blog at all?

    Thanks for your other comment, too. I see this same lack of respect here in the U.S. Even our hospitals are quick to push the elderly out before they are ready to go home because the insurance companies put time limits on how long they can stay. Just to save money. It's pitiful.

  6. Great post, Mary. As a "senior citizen" who is disabled, I can tell you that I often feel that my husband and I are in the cross hairs of the death cabals at all levels of our government. Ironically, if we had not had the high levels of contraception and abortion since the Lambeth Conference, our country would not be having the problems it is. There would be a beautiful spirit of appreciation for life and caring. But when we've been preventing and killing life, an essential kindness and respect for all persons is extinguished.

  7. Yes, it is the world that is complicated, and I think it is this more than anything that leads me to sin, when I do. When life is simple and joy can be found in so many little ways, there are less complex decisions to make. The ways of the world can interfere with the soul and lead it astray. God is uncomplicated. I need to be too, because I love Him and am so grateful to Him and to heaven that I really become so disappointed and sad with myself when I sin. Thank you for this idea of looking to the young and old for edification and heavenly simplicity.