Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sometimes, I have no clue why, I seem to be blind, deaf, and spiritually dumb. Some days it seems as if everything is right there, ripe for the picking, while on other days there's just, well... nothing there to pick.  Nada, zero, zilch.  So I guess I'll have to take a short break until this passes. I do have a question for all the bloggers out there though:

Am I the only one whose mind goes blank and has trouble blogging on occasion? Or does everybody deal with this issue?


  1. Absolutely agree with you Mary. Sometimes there is just nothing there...but for me the worst is..when I have a great idea for a post when I'm out or driving or something like that, and when I get back to my laptop, it's gone! Be patient with yourself, we'll be here waiting for you.

  2. I go through this too Mary, the part about feeling spiritually blind, deaf, and dumb. I too have days (sometimes even weeks:) where everything is right on track, I say my rosary, I pray, God is on my mind and then suddenly, I feel blah. I let it go a bit...don't make too much time for it, feel nothing...if this is what you mean in the first place!! If not, please ignore my mad utterings.:)

    As for feeling blank when it comes to blogging, no not usually.:) Then again I have a talent for nonsense and talk too much in general so writing seems a natural extension of that.:)

    I hope you feel back on track soon. God bless!

  3. I am sure many Christian Bloggers, like you and me, Blog in the hope that someone out there might read what they say and hopefully come closer to God. That's why I Blog using the fictitious Fr Ignatius in my stories.

    Like you; I sometimes get a total blank with nothing to say. Perhaps it's because God wants me to say nothing. Then at times ... two or three Fr Ignatius stories come to mind all at once. So I write them down and keep them in reserve for later on rather that Blog them all at once.

    Blanking is a call to prayer.

    Just ask God what He wants you to write about. He'll soon tell you.

    God bless.

  4. Your blog serves you, not the other way around. Rest, explore the real world, smell some flowers (or is it coffee you have to smell in America?). Anyway, you get my drift man??

    Go and listen to some tunes on youtube maybe?
    Knit a scarf, write a poem, bake a cake, turn Protestant, turn back again. No, I'm going a bit loopy now so I'll leave you with those few ideas and yes, I regularly get blank areas in my head, regarding most things, including blogger. I*'m glad it's here though, it's like a little room I sneak into all by myself, to visit my friends....

    God bless, sorry this is such a long comment but I am not having a blank spot/phase at the moment so the words are flowing lalalalalala ;)

  5. I have certainly been in the place you describe! Very recently in fact. I will be praying for you Mary...the Lord knows what he is doing! Blessings to you...

  6. I have been there as well. A break can be refreshing, or if there is desire to write, just blogging about anything that comes to mind. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves... Blessings to you.

  7. Andie,
    That happens to me too! I'll have a great idea and by the time I get home I've forgotten most of it :)

  8. Colleen,
    Yep! That is pretty much what I meant! Sometimes I am sharp as a tack spiritually and other times dull as a doorknob. This is one of my doorknob phases :)

  9. Thanks Victor, I should probably do the same. And I agree that it's a call to prayer :)

  10. Ros,
    You are funny! Great answer!

    Yeah, we smell coffee here. Probably because we don't have any flowers to smell yet where I live :) We have long winters which require a lot of coffee!

  11. Thank you, Mary, prayers are always appreciated!

  12. Jade,
    True! Sometimes I do put pressure on myself to blog though I'm not certain why! Probably because I take way too many blogging breaks as it is and don't really want to take one right now. I guess God has other plans though :)

  13. I can completely relate to this as I have long periods where nothing comes to my mind or heart. And then the other problem is that when I feel I have something really profound to write that 1. I feel guilty because I should be spending time with the kids or doing laundry, etc.. and 2. The nagging feeling that whatever I write isn't really helping anyone anyway, and that I am wasting more time by doing it.... Or I am constantly obsessing about things that happen in my life thinking, "Should I blog this?" ugh.....

    I am always blessed by your posts so that part of blogging is wonderful. Thank you!

  14. You have to sleep if you are mortal. So why do you think you can "just write" as if you were not mortal? Personally, praying the Novena of the Holy day, every day, not just at Penticost, does more to inspire, than just "...staring at Goats!

  15. Mary, when thoughts come easy for me, I know I am not pushing it. I know that the Holy Spirit is in the post. There are many posts I start and get a feeling in my gut not to post them after the face. And some times I do post them, and I then take them down. All because I am getting a check in my Spirit that I should not be sharing what I wrote. I hope this made sense.

  16. Mom,
    You too, huh? I guess I'm in good company then :)
    As for 1 and 2 - I can relate!

    Your posts are helpful and you aren't wasting your time. I read your post on "Near Occasions of Sin" and the one about the priests and liked them immensely. Thank YOU!

  17. Anonymous,
    Good point! I guess I can't "just write" nor have I ever really been able to do this without praying for the grace. Everything is a gift from God. I pray to the Holy Spirit each day too :)

  18. JBR,
    Yes, this makes sense. Words just flow easily under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit! When it's under my own steam they don't flow well at all. I occasionally get a check in the spirit when God doesn't want me to post about something too. Thanks, JBR!

  19. I would seem that you just dealt with your blogger's block; quite successfully, may I add

  20. Yes, I definitely do this too! Even though it probably seems like I post every hour ;-)

  21. Maria,
    You could have fooled me! Lol!

  22. Yes, on many occassions I am blank. Everytime I go to post, or want to post, I am like an empty page. I always ask the Holy Spirit to inspire me to write what might bring peace to another, even if it is only to one.

    The next thing I know a thought comes and I am reading and is during this time that I am actually learning more about my faith..who knows, maybe that one person is me.

    God be with you Mary, you always bring such joy to this blogging community and I am thankful you are a part of it!

  23. DG,
    When I read your post today I was stunned - that is how beautiful it was. And I knew instantly that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. No one could right such a beautiful meditation except by the power of the Spirit. Thank you.
    I think blogging helps both ourselves AND others! At least I hope so!

  24. I love love love that little baby pic on your sidebar. How totally cute.

  25. Happens to me too Mary, and I only write once a week! There are days when I feel so "in sync" and my mind has so many blessed thoughts and ideas ... and others where I struggle to stay focused.

    I can tell you this - I truly believe the few things I come up with are inspired by Him. (The fact that there aren't many of those is certainly not His fault - it is because I am too busy to listen)

    I just have faith that sharing something is better than nothing. You never know what someone, somewhere might benefit from.

    I like what Victor wrote - that blanking is a call to prayer. I'm going to take that one to heart. (Looks like I will be praying a lot more ;) )

    Anyway, thank for continuing to write - it certainly inspires me.

    God Bless.

  26. Sarah,
    I think it's called "Praying Baby". I thought it was adorable too!

  27. Michael,
    From the responses so far I guess that going blank is an all too common problem! I can definitely relate to what you've written here about feeling "in sync" on some days and struggling on others.

    I believe your posts are inspired by the Holy Spirit for sure!

  28. Well, In an attempt to help you over your Writer's block, I have tagged you for a meme
    see it here:

  29. Thanks Puff! Good luck with the new blog!