Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sticky Stickers

Why it's tough to post this week:
School vacation...need I say more?

For those who don't have children I'll briefly explain:
Sit down at computer.
Type a word.
 "Mom, you just hafta come see this!"
Go see the hamsters battling over a treat.
Sit down at computer.
Forget the next word you were going to write.
Think of a new word.
"Mom, can you help me with these stickers? They're stuck!!"
Unstick stickers.
Sit down at the computer.
"I'm hungry."
Get up.
Feed child.
Sit down at computer.
"Mom! Did you know there's a state called New Hampster?!"
Errr....no I didn't.
Sit down at computer.
Stare at empty page.
Think with blank mind.
Smile with full heart.


  1. Yes...know that well...everyday! It's when I have to say *this can wait*...my vocation calls!

  2. Been there, done that: http://wp.me/p8I00-123

  3. Awww Mary. Thank you for sharing. No do not have kids, so I am not interrupted like this.

  4. Oh, I remember! And very very fondly. I know it sounds strange to say "enjoy it while it lasts," but I am going to say it anyway.

  5. I can see that many of you can relate! We ended up baking cookies after my "non-post" :) Did you all know that fried tarantulas are a delicacy in Cambodia? Compliments of National Geographic for Kids (lol)!

    This little tidbit has been stored in the "more useless information that may come in handy some day" compartment of my brain.

  6. The only thing that you weren't interrupted for is...."Mawwwwwm, come wipe me"!!

    Remember that? Always happened right when you were on an important call and you KNOW the other person on the phone heard it!

    Happy posting!

  7. "New Hampster"...ha ha...good one!
    You are SUCH a better mother than I...I would have said, "Go outside and play now" after the first interruption, hee hee.

  8. Nancy, I've had that happen when the nice man from the electric company was at the door telling me we'd be having our meter replaced sometime this summer. The two year old comes prancing out, stripped from the waist down, presents her butt to me, and says, "Mommy, I need to be wiped!" Sorry, Mr. Electric Company Man, but have a nice day. **oy**

  9. And how about:

    "Dad, can I use the computer?"

    sxmkwer;,lv rf fvovr vf lk p;ds

    God bless.

  10. Nancy and Jane,
    FUNNY!!! I can relate! I remember my neighbor (an elderly man) came over one day and while I was speaking to him all you could hear in the background was, "Mama! Need to get wiped, wiped, WIPED!!" in a sing-song voice. Over and over again.
    I guess that's better than watching your tot moon Mr. Electric Company Man though! I feel for you, Jane. Snicker!!

  11. Judy,
    Yeah, everything is about hamsters this week. Chihuahuas last week, hamsters this week. And I am so NOT a better mother than you - trust me...I read your blog. Lol!

  12. Jane,
    I cracked up when I read the link you left! How you can write so well with all that going on in the background is beyond me! Does it become "white noise" after a while maybe?

  13. Victor,
    That too! The kids take computer classes even in preschool now so my daughter has 3 years of experience under her belt. Scary!
    Is that a link? (Like I would know the difference ;)

  14. I spent last week with cousins home on vacay. Fun, but definitely not easy!

  15. They gave you a cold as a present, right? LOL!

  16. My Mom had 5 of us hounding her. She used to stay up late at night to get some peace. I had to laugh at your post.

  17. Hi Barb! My mom had 5 kids hounding her too. It must have been hard for them to find quiet time except for late at night.

    I don't like staying up late (unless I can't avoid it) because kids get up awfully early. I'm grumpy if I don't get enough sleep :)