Friday, July 6, 2012

If the Shoe Fits...

I loved the readings for Mass, Wednesday the 4th.  "How fitting!" I couldn't help but think. "Both the readings from the Old Testament and the New!"

And then I wondered, "Are people REALLY hearing them and letting them sink deeply into their hearts or do they imagine that they do not apply to each of us who live in this day and age?"

I decided to post these readings.

Seek good and not evil,
that you may live;
Then truly will the LORD, the God of hosts,
be with you as you claim!
Hate evil and love good,
and let justice prevail at the gate;
Then it may be that the LORD, the God of hosts,
will have pity on the remnant of Joseph.

I hate, I spurn your feasts, says the LORD,
I take no pleasure in your solemnities;
Your cereal offerings I will not accept,
nor consider your stall-fed peace offerings.
Away with your noisy songs!
I will not listen to the melodies of your harps.
But if you would offer me burnt offerings,
then let justice surge like water,
and goodness like an unfailing stream.
Responsorial Psalm Ps 50:7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 16bc-17

R. (23b) To the upright I will show the saving power of God.
"Hear, my people, and I will speak;
Israel, I will testify against you;
God, your God, am I."
R. To the upright I will show the saving power of God.
"Not for your sacrifices do I rebuke you,
for your burnt offerings are before me always.
I take from your house no bullock,
no goats out of your fold."
R. To the upright I will show the saving power of God.
"For mine are all the animals of the forests,
beasts by the thousand on my mountains.
I know all the birds of the air,
and whatever stirs in the plains, belongs to me."
R. To the upright I will show the saving power of God.
"If I were hungry, I should not tell you,
for mine are the world and its fullness.
Do I eat the flesh of strong bulls,
or is the blood of goats my drink?"
R. To the upright I will show the saving power of God.
"Why do you recite my statutes,
and profess my covenant with your mouth,
Though you hate discipline
and cast my words behind you?"
R. To the upright I will show the saving power of God.

Gospel Mt 8:28-34

When Jesus came to the territory of the Gadarenes,
two demoniacs who were coming from the tombs met him.
They were so savage that no one could travel by that road.
They cried out, "What have you to do with us, Son of God?
Have you come here to torment us before the appointed time?"
Some distance away a herd of many swine was feeding.
The demons pleaded with him,
"If you drive us out, send us into the herd of swine."
And he said to them, "Go then!"
They came out and entered the swine,
and the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the sea
where they drowned.
The swineherds ran away,
and when they came to the town they reported everything,
including what had happened to the demoniacs.
Thereupon the whole town came out to meet Jesus,
and when they saw him they begged him to leave their district.

America reminds me of this town in the Gospel reading that begged the Lord to "leave their district".  We have systematically removed God from almost every area of our lives here in the U.S.

But then again, we didn't beg Him to leave...

We booted Him out.


  1. Very nice post! I always love the mass readings and gospel I read them before mass so that when we read them during mass I can get more out of what is being said.

    And so true about America!

  2. I thought the same thing, too when I read that. And when I watched the fireworks display, I thought how sad that the country doesn't celebrate God publicly that way.

  3. Four years ago when this current administration took office, I believe God was giving us what we deserved and what as a nation we asked for. But that is only a small part of the fabric. The loose thread was being pulled long before that election.
    This week we are reading from the Book of Amos at Mass. Today's reading has frightful implications~"famine of hearing the Word of the search of the word of the Lord, they shall not find it. (Amos 8:4-6, 9-12) Personally I'd rather be without food and water.

  4. Hi Monica,
    I usually read them more than once too - like you, I find that it helps me get more out of if I read them at home too.

    Yes, we really did boot Him out. But that will change.

  5. Thanks Madeleine! Are you on Facebook? The reason I ask is because of your recent post about your search for your family - because of the large amount of people on FB I thought that you may be able to get more help through this source.

  6. Anabelle,
    You and me and me both. I took my daughter to the fireworks but couldn't help but think of the Mass readings that day. I was praying actually. I couldn't help but notice that Randy was too before the fireworks started. He has a Rosary and Mercy chaplet App on his phone.

  7. Karin,
    Oh yes, I'm with you on that one, my friend.
    I've been struck by the OT readings this week too. They are very powerful. I wanted to put them all up on this blog.

    "Famine of hearing the Word of the search of the word of the Lord, they shall not find it. (Amos 8:4-6, 9-12) Personally I'd rather be without food and water..." Karin, this hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm with you - anything but that. Anything. A lack of food and water just destroys the body not the soul. Made me think of St. Maximilian Kolbe.

  8. Mary,

    God and Christianity are under attack all over the world. God knows that, and He is not hiding and trembling in fear; is He?

    So why should we?

    Yes, things are bad, very bad ... but He is still in control. Better for Him to have a few honest followers who truly love Him and obey Him than a multitude who just pretend to follow Him.

    In the age of thousands of followers on FB and Blogger and other computer websites; God prefers a few well-chosen and true to heart followers.

    And those followers should encourage and lift each other up when we stumble under the heavy weight of our Cross.

    God bless you.

  9. You know what I learned today, when after seeking God in this upcoming election whom to vote for, and I do. And my candidate loses. Not to panic. As I was on God's platform when I voted. And His platform is the only one that matters. I live in His economy. There is no recession in His economy. Great post Mary. Amen.

  10. Hi Victor,
    No, we shouldn't fear. Still, we should be aware and awake. Ignoring things or an apathetic stance simply worsens the situation.

    Great comment, Victor - thank you :)

  11. Bravo, Grace! Loved those words! And we are really going to need to stand on the firm rock of faith in the coming years.

  12. Mary,

    Pope Benedict once called Australia the most secular nation on earth and even a BBC study put us at number 1 for sinfulness - you Americans were second:-( But, we have Our Lady Help of Christians as our patron saint so I really think that things will turn around. It was fantastic to see the faith and excitement that World Youth Day caused in Sydney - it gave a glimpse of what is possible.

    BTW, this translation is slightly different to the one I'm used to and it's amazing how a few different words can change the understanding. I need to read it a few more times.

    God bless, Mary:-)

  13. Hi Mary,
    Just wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile blogger award!
    God Bless!

  14. Hi Vicky,
    Really? Maybe the term "down under" is a hint?

    Sorry, Vicky, I couldn't resist :) (Okay, okay, I take it back ;) Australia is a beautiful country and it's sad to hear that things are so difficult there. I'm glad there is great hope for change in the air though.

  15. Thank you, Jennifer! I appreciate it!

  16. Oh Mary! And I've been trying so hard to be sensible and holy, lately:-/

    Well, I guess I'll go and look for a cool spot to rest away from the fire - move over and make room, Scary!!!

  17. Hey, Vickster, I live way up north. You know, north = up. If you are getting a bit toasty "down under" feel free to come visit me "up" here (grin).

  18. Mary,

    I was all set to add something sensible to the conversation when I saw Vicky's comment: "I've been trying so hard to be sensible and holy, lately:-/" Well, that and your reply made me laugh and I have forgotten what I was going to say. Probably wasn't worth anything.

    God bless!

  19. Hi Mary,
    Just noticed your comment About FB.
    Yes I'm on FB.
    I'll have to figure out how to get 'more attention' on FB.

  20. Sorry Sue ;) Your sister IS being sensible and holy - she was wants to come "up" here because it's rather hot "down under" at times, isn't it? That sounds pretty sensible to me! Holy? She meant holey I think. She neads grammer and speling lessens.

    Kidding! Australia is gorgeous -the pictures Vicky has posted are beautiful.

  21. Hi Madeleine,
    It's worth a shot I think. I'm on FB too but I barely ever go on there. Lots of people DO though so I thought it might be worth a try.

    There must be forums for people searches too. That might be an idea.

    Can you friend me? My profile is Maryrandy with a picture of Jesus. I don't go on often but I catch up with it now and then.