Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love is in the Air - Netspeak

That would be "net speak" for those not in the know. (Hello, Victor? Are you there?) Okay, the simple fact of the matter is I spend too much time around young people and LOL has snuck its way past this insomniac brain and I tend to sprinkle it liberally in my posts and comments. You really think someone who types with one finger would pass up the opportunity to abbreviate when possible?

First, let me say:
LOL does not mean lots of love. I love people but I don't go flinging that love around the blogosphere in a random fashion, BTW. And ROTFLOL (which I do not use) does not mean "rolling on top of flowers, lots of laughter". I love flowers as much as the next person you know. And ROFLOL does not mean "rotten old f*rt laughing out loud".

Is netspeak annoying? Of course it is! But it's easy on the typing finger too. So here's a quick breakdown for my friends who think I am spreading love around like a bee pollinating flowers:

LOL - laughing out loud
ROTFLOL- rolling on the floor, laughing out loud
ROFLOL - rolling on floor, laughing out loud (someone was lazy and took out the "the")
ROFL - rolling on floor, laughing (someone was REALLY lazy...a one finger typist no doubt)

And BTW?

 It means "better than a whuppin", by the way.


  1. By Jove I've got it!

    And there I was thinking what are all those people ROTFLOL doing. Must have been Catholics, I thought!

    God bless.

  2. NSS. And please don't ask me what that one means! I'll let you look it up. Good grief - these young folks are corrupting me. I just sent you an e-mail on the Facebook one! Who knew?

  3. Victor,
    You know what? I just read this post again and realized what I wrote! Oops!

  4. GTK





  5. Mary, I've re-read your post and cannot see anything wrong with it.

    God bless.

  6. Anonymous,
    Vicky? Puff?
    I know it's one or the other! Right?
    C'mon, fess up!

  7. Victor,
    That's because I fixed it. Stayed pokerfaced while doing it too. A bit hard when I realized my mistake but I managed well enough :)

  8. Why am I always the first suspect???

    Mary, I'm hurt:-(



  9. And I've also discovered another new word in this Internet era which I did not know what it meant.

    To "poke" someone.

  10. Hi Vicky,
    I suspect it's because you leave sneaky anonymous messages sometimes? I think it was you!
    Puff did cross my mind because she has a teenager and a good sense of humor but you have both of these too.
    So fess up, HAG2!

    PS (I am clueless to what the abbreviations mean in your comment, BTW)

  11. Victor,
    Ahhh, Facebook! What can I say, my friend?! No wonder kids don't like their parents on Facebook...

  12. Let me see, UR2YY4M = you are too wise for me (2 Y's - clever??!) and HAG1 = have a good one. This last one I thought was especially appropriate. ROTFLOL

    I can't remember all the others - but I do remember they weren't rude and none of them included potty language, unlike your NSS, Miss Mary!! ROTFLOLA

    God bless, M:-)
    (ie. Smiling Ear To Ear - I might start using that one...)

  13. My poor teens, they are so out of the loop!!! So am I, BTW! I'm a bad mother!

  14. Nope t'weren't me.

    I have no idea what those acronyms mean or for what they stand.

  15. Ooh, ooh these ones I know

    GTK- Good To Know

    G2G- Got to Go

    BB4N - Bye Bye for now

    URYY4M- You Are To Wise For Me (vicky is right I think)

    I couldn't wait for DTD to come home so I cheated and googled

    P2C2E -Process to complicated to explain

    IMNSHO - In My Not-So-Humble-Opinion

    FOMCL- Falling Off My Chair Laughing

  16. Hey, I know WWJD!!! (What Would Jesus Do) Does that count!?!?!?!

  17. Vicky,
    Love the HAG1! I thought you were referring to the Old Hags Club in this one - very fitting!

    How would you know what NSS stands for anyway? I made it up :) Goes to show how some people think (grin)!

  18. Hi Jennifer,
    No, not your poor teens! WWJD is the best of all I would say :)

  19. Hi Puff,
    Oops! Sorry I accused you ;) It sounded a bit like something you would write though. I knew you had a teenager and it's easy to pick up on these terms.

    See, I was right! You do know a lot of them! Not counting the ones you cheated on....