Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Plus God

We look around the world today and think how crazy the world seems. It can be overwhelming to  realize what we are up against these days:

 "What's the point? What difference can just one person make anyway?"

Have you ever heard these words spoken to you? Or spoken them yourself perhaps?

I have heard them too many times to count over the years and I've even heard them come out of my own mouth now and then.

The problem with this type of mindset is that it sets us up to lose before we've even begun. Imagine if the saints thought like this? All we need to do is look at what Mother Teresa did during the span of her lifetime and we can see that she did not allow herself to fall prey to this kind of thinking. One person can make a huge difference if God is in the equation. Think of what each of these people accomplished during their lifetimes:

Moses + God = the liberation of an enslaved people

Mother Mary + God = the salvation of the entire human race

 Peter + God = the birth of the Church

We cannot say, "Yeah, but they were saints!" Moses was not a saint - he killed a man. St. Peter 
was simply a fisherman - a fisherman who denied Christ three times.

I love this example:  Therese + God = Doctor of the Church...with millions following her "little way" and she accomplished all this without ever leaving the convent or its grounds. (How's that for amazing?)

So never ask yourself what you can do.

Ask yourself what you + God can do.


  1. This is a brilliant reflection. Thank you.

    God bless.

  2. Oh, I have to say in my own life, when just one person reaches out to me in my time of struggle, sorrow or hurt, it makes all the difference to know that there is someone with love in their heart!

  3. Mary I will hold onto this thought for a long time. Thank you for the encouragement.

  4. Hi Monica,
    Oh that is so true for me too!

  5. Hi Anabelle,
    You're welcome. It encourages me too to think of God's presence and help and how that changes everything.