Thursday, October 8, 2009

Read the signs

Two months ago I had a dream: I was standing on the grass, looking up at the sky. I saw four fighter jets; they came from four different directions: north, west, east and south. They met above where I stood and flew in formation. A banner unfurled below them. It read, in giant letters:

Part of me does not want to write about such things. Sadly, I still care too much of what people think. I am printing it because I know the Lord wants me to.

Utterly Thine, O Lord.


  1. Well since no one has posted a comment yet, I will. Bravo for coming out of your comfort zone and speaking about your dream! I know that I have been having an overwhelming feeling
    that something dreadful is going to happen. Not sure what it is, but that people need to wake up!!

    We are lied to on a daily basis by our federal government - that everything is just fine...
    (Yeah, sure it is!) I just hope that we are not all docile lambs being readied for our slaughter!

    On a side note, your poems are spectacular!

  2. Anonymous,
    Thanks for commenting. You are not alone in feeling the way that you do, I know many people who say the same. I knew before I started this blog that the Lord would call on me to start speaking up, I have been getting warnings about the condition of the world for over ten years now. Some may wonder: How dare she say such things? But I think: How dare I not?!

    Thanks for the comment on the poems :)

  3. Mary, sometimes I do not want to write something either and I would rather stay away from controversy, etc. But there are times, I just know I have to speak my truth. That is true freedom right? God bless!

  4. This fits with the ongoing images I have in my brain about mass death and the danger our country is in. I was overcome Friday, December 18th while praying the sorrowful mysteries and felt compelled to record my meditations on my blog: It made me decide to pray and extra rosary of the Sorrowful Mysteries every day for a nine month novena for our country.

    It's good your blog is a place where those of us who have these spiritual occurrences can post in safety.

  5. Interesting that you should mention this danger. I often have dreams of soldiers loading people into trucks or soldiers chasing people. Good people, not criminals. I have lost count of the number of times that this type of dream has occurred.
    That's a great novena! I pray for our country, too. I am going over to your site right now. God be with you Barb! Nothing surprises me any more, especially when others speak of their spiritual lives. The Lord is working hard :)

  6. Hi Mary, I think this is like my 4th comment tonight.:) Pip kept telling me to have a more thorough look at your blog when I had time, as he felt I would relate to many of your postings.

    In 1998 I had a very strong warning dream about our country being attacked. I also was shown that the attack would (or could meaning "if" it would happen) somehow coincide with a financial downfall. I was even shown the country that attacked us, but I have never posted this dream on any public forum. I've really only told close friends. I've always been a little cautious about giving specifics like this publicly. But...I did see fighter jets...and it was a surprise.

    Thank you for posting are doing great work in being obedient! God bless..

  7. Cheri,
    I am cautious about giving specifics, also, and yet the warnings I get are very consistent and never happened before my conversion. I'm glad to know that others are receiving similar warnings. Thank you for letting me know about your experiences, it confirms to me that there is cause for concern and a need for prayer. God bless you, too :)

  8. Hi Mary, I am newly found to your blog and I firmly believe that God has lead me to your blog. I have so much to read, relate, and learn! Thank you for sharing and having this be a safe place for us to share, praise, and Glorify God's will. I came here learning to know more about the charism of intercessory prayer (which I also commented), and I find it comforting how God lead me to your blog that we are a community and he shares wisdom with all of us but we just need to speak up. Speak up about truth and have courage to do it, especially this day and age. I have only been a convert for 9 years and I too pray for our country because it breaks my heart to see America's downfall... Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.