Friday, October 9, 2009

Sabbath Moments

Thoughts on Grace: Sabbath Moments Meme

Colleen at Thoughts on Grace has started a Meme called Sabbath Moments. You can read more about this Meme at the above link. I liked  this one....a time to rest in God and live in the moment, to enjoy God in silence and nature.
October is my favorite month of the year. I live in New England and the foliage is spectacular at this time of the year. The world is aglow with color and God's canvas is the most beautiful of all. It never fails to fill me with awe. Even as a child this was my favorite month. Sometimes I think that God made October as a sign pointing at how we are to grow spiritually. Spring is a child just budding and beginning to grow. Summer is the adult  rooted deeply into the earth. Autumn is the elder, wise and crowned with inner beauty; harvest time, where the fruits of our life are ready to be reaped. After the fruit is gathered comes winter, which is death. If the fruit is good....eternal life begins.

Another reason October is my favorite month:
It's the month of the Rosary!
Some of my favorite saints have their feast days in this month.
My patron saint's feast day is Oct. 15 - St. Teresa of Avila
My birthday is Oct. 15


  1. my brithday is also on my patrons feast day.

  2. Mary, how beautiful! A wonderful contribution to Sabbath Moments. Thank you for participating!
    I grew up in New England so I know what you are talking about. I live in Florida now and I miss Autumn. Such a beautiful time of the year.
    My favorite saint is St Therese, but I love St Teresa of Avila too. Her writings on prayer are wonderful. God bless!

  3. Thank you, Colleen. I love St. Therese too!

  4. "Autumn is the elder, wise and crowned with inner beauty" That's great!

  5. In case I forget to come over on the 15th to wish you a very happy birthday and many many more . . . well, happy birthday and many many more! Great, on your Feast day as well. My 40th is on the 14th . . . :)

  6. Thanks, Anne and Sara-Kala! Sara, happy birthday to you, too!

  7. What a beautiful metaphor of the seasons!!!
    I am an October baby too! (27th)

  8. See, October really is a great month!

  9. Judy,

    Our second son will turn 16 on the 27th this year.

  10. I guess there are a lot of birthdays this month. Happy birthday to all!

  11. I use to live in New England and I love it there in autumn. It is the best time of year to be there in my opinion! Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for following my Poet Tree blog!

  12. Thank you for this lovely post :)
    Thank you too for the visits to my various blogs. It is lovely to have met you through the blogosphere! I love the way connections between like-minded souls are made.
    Have a great day...I shall add you to my blogroll :)

  13. Kathie,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes! It is an honor to follow your blog, your poetry is beautiful!

  14. Mrs. Pogle,
    Your blogs bring a smile to my face. I enjoy them very much! I am going to add you to mine, also. I wish you a great day, too :)