Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hockey pucks for dessert

So much for my homemaking skills. I decided to surprise Michaela with some chocolate chip cookies after school for a change. All went well until I put them in the oven and promptly forgot about them. A burning odor reached me while I was on the computer and ... see ya later, cookies! Of course I pretended that I never made cookies but instead made hockey pucks to bring to the park with us - but this didn't fly. She walked in the house and held her nose, "Phew, it stinks in here! Did one survive at least?"

Perhaps the Boston Bruins would hire me. My puck making skills have no equal.


  1. Awww next time set the timer on the oven! It's the thought that counts though right? :)

  2. Hey don't worry ... you're not alone.

    I love cooking and baking ... and do so often. BADLY.

    My dog has enjoyed many a meal that was ruined for human consumption.

    I burnt many a cake and crumbled it in the garden for the birds to eat. They picked it up and threw it at my windows in disgust.

    Right now, I see them protesting on the trees that my house is the worst restaurant in town!

    God bless.

  3. Allison,
    Good advice! I'm not sure Michaela appreciates thoughts that much yet ;)

  4. Thanks Victor, it's nice to know that I keep such good company :) At least your windows didn't break.
    We have finicky birds around here, too ;) The birds at my mom's house LOVE her, she practically has them trained! They aren't even afraid of her. All animals love her. I once wrote a post called St. Mom of Assisi because she's so softhearted toward animals and bugs (even spiders).

  5. Aw well...if you dunk them you'll hardly notice the burnt taste!

  6. Judy,
    They were hockey pucks not basketballs ;) Undunkable!

  7. we've had a few hockey pucks around here from time to time also - when i get distracted from turning on that timer. The squirrels love them though ;) hee hee

  8. Lynn,
    You mean the squirrels survived? ;)