Saturday, May 1, 2010

In plain sight - pt 2

I'd like to go back to the analogy of a child covering it's head with a blanket again and the Father gently lifting the blanket a little bit at a time so that the child can see the light. While the child is fully covered by the blanket (darkness) he is unaware that his loving Father has placed a pile of gifts at the child's side. Just as people hold baby showers for expectant mothers it pleases the Father to bestow gifts on his children. The child cannot see the gifts yet, but they are there awaiting him. As the Father lifts the blanket and light comes in the child notices some of these gifts and curiosity draws him to open them. At first his attention may be drawn to the wrapping and the boxes the presents are placed in and the child may play with these for a while. Eventually however, he becomes curious to see what's in the boxes. He opens the gifts- which then begin to transform him. These gifts are the virtues and the Father begins to clothe his child in them. He glances up with delight at his Father and is drawn by the love in his eyes. The child begins to realize that he can trust this great Father and his attention is drawn more and more to Him.

God delights in his children and no child of His enters this world empty-handed. The gifts of the Spirit are awaiting each and every one of us... for the Giver is Love. The gifts don't end with the virtues. The Father's gifts are many and continue to rain down upon us but the greatest gift of all is the gift of God Himself.

Blessed be God forever!


  1. " ... but the greatest gift of all is the gift of God Himself."


    God bless you.

  2. This was so comforting. I couldn't help but think of my children's dad as I read it. I yearn for the day he might open his gifts from the Father and be restored to the dignity he has as a child of God. Thanks for these insightful posts! Hugs

  3. Victor,
    Amen :) This is the true and most perfect gift of all.

  4. Lynn,
    You and I will pray for him :) If God can convert me then He can convert your husband! Hugs to you, Is :)

  5. Amen!! God is our greatest gift! And He gives us the gift of Himself everyday!

  6. Thanks Mary! You are a true prayer warrior so this is great news for me! ((((Hugs)))) back

  7. Wonderful analogy with the baby shower. I also like the gradual unveiling of the blanket. Even when we pull it back over ourselves a bit, He never goes away, but keeps watching.

    God bless your husband, Is. The Lord hears your heart's desire and 'watches his blanket' :) Your husband is blessed to have you.