Monday, July 18, 2011

Christopher moved his arm!

Christopher is conscious and moved his left arm and hand! Thank you, Jesus!

Christopher is awake and talking but very frightened because he has no feeling in his lower body at all. Still, his blood pressure is stable and he can move one arm. He cannot move the other arm but when someone touches his hand he can feel it which is a good sign. The next 72 hours are crucial according to the doctors and he will be undergoing another operation in a few days. Another good sign is that he can feel pain in certain parts of his upper body.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. Prayer is powerful and his family appreciates every single one. I spoke to Laurie's sister a little while ago and she said the prognosis is good that Christopher will live but may not be able to walk ever again. With God all things are possible so I am praying that, like the cripple at the Beautiful Gate, he WILL walk.

God is good.


  1. Anything is possible with God.

  2. God's speed in Christopher's recovery. I will keep him, and his family, in my thoughts and prayers! God bless...

  3. Hi Mary, I had to read some posts to catch up. So sorry for all that is going on. I will definitely be praying for you, your family and friends and all that is going on. ALL things are possible with HIM.

  4. Praise God! Prayers continuing for Christopher and his family.