Thursday, January 24, 2013

BRRRRR.....Now THAT'S Cold

"Overheard" online this morning:

It's so cold outside that...
...the cows are giving ice cream instead of milk
...the politicians in DC have their hands in their own pockets for a change get up and go got up and went south for the winter
...our snowman knocked on the door and asked to come in


  1. and yet my cat is still nagging me to go outside...

  2. funny! :-)
    it's colder today in Arkansas but supposed to be 71F on Tuesday!

  3. Hi Shelly,
    Crazy cat :) My dogs lasted 2 minutes outside this morning. It was too cold for them!

  4. Hi Sinder,
    It was below zero (F) here this morning!
    Enjoy the seventies next week! (I think we are supposed to warm up next week too but it won't hit 70 here in N.E.)

  5. It is so cold here in the UK with snow everywhere that even my goosepimples have goosepimples. We keep the fridge open to warm the house.

    When I took the dog out for a walk this morning I had ice all over the lenses of my glasses which I scraped with a credit card.

    As the temperature dropped even further I had to chisel the dog off a lamp-post. It was quite an experience for both of us !!!

    God bless.

  6. Very funny, Victor :) Chiseling the dog off the lamp-post must have been a sight to

  7. Can't imagine being that cold.......

  8. Hi Jo-Anne,
    It's a bit better today thankfully - it almost reached twenty :)

  9. Although it was very very cold today we had a streaker at the football game.

    He ran fully clothed across the field and described himself.

  10. no place gets as cold as Canada, I read once that are capital is even colder than Moscow- eg. -38C last week with the wind chill!!!!!

  11. Gee. I was complaining because I had to put on my air conditioning today because it was too hot.