Monday, January 28, 2013

Pornchai's Conversion Story

Those of you who follow Fr. Gordon MacRae's story on These Stone Walls might also be interested in reading about his cellmate, Pornchai Moontri, at The article, Mercy - Inside Those Stone Walls, speaks about Pornchai's conversion and his entrance into the Catholic Church. It's a beautiful, grace-filled story that I highly recommend to everyone.


  1. This is all so amazing! Thanks for sharing these links. I wasn't aware of Fr. Gordon MacRae's story. What a lot to ponder!

  2. Awesome stories!
    Thanks for these links!

  3. Hi Monica and Cinder,
    Check out this link -
    for more information about Fr. MacRae's case. It's hard to fathom that a man could be convicted on so little evidence. It's even harder to understand how he could still be in prison after all that has come to light about the case since then.

  4. Thanks for this other link. Some people have such difficult lives!

  5. Hi Monica,
    Isn't it? Please pray for Fr. MacRae.

  6. I read the article. Thanks for sharing.