Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Rock

Yesterday was Michaela's first day of school. She started 1st grade and we were both anxious. Last year she was in kindergarten which was only two and a half hours. Now it's all day. Much to my surprise, she insisted on taking the bus. Randy and I walked her to the bus stop and waved as she left. My gut felt wrenched. Randy followed the bus to school and brought her to her teacher. This probably wasn't necessary but it sure made me feel better. You can laugh. I don't mind. I realize that I am overly protective. I had to work and couldn't get the day off.

Letting go can be hard. Change does not come easily for me. It seems as if just the other day I cradled my baby in my arms and here she is now, eager for independence. I know that I have to foster this trait in her, as it is part of growing up, but a part of me wants to keep her tucked under my wings constantly. Michaela is the Lord's first and I need to remember that He has plans for her. I prayed for both of us and released my anxiety into His Hands. The Lord took care of His 2 M&M's (Mary and Michaela) and the day was sweeter because of Him.

Though life is full of change and letting go, there is one thing that never changes....

Utterly Thine, O Lord!


  1. I hope Michaela enjoyed her first day of school. I can only imagine how hard it is for you to let go.

  2. God bless you Mary as you give your daughter a little taste of independence at school. Your rock will always support you no matter how hard it is to let go.

  3. Michaela loved her 1st day! If I had my way, I would bring her to school and pick her up. Letting her ride the bus was a toughy for me. The bus driver is very nice though, she really likes children.

  4. Even when they are 18 it is still hard to let them go. I knew the day my son then turned 18 and his family in California promised him the world. Within a month his cousins got him a fake ID so he could go drinking. Now look where he is in life. I knew I still had to let him go and I cried so much. I still remember the day, it was a Sunday and I got him off on the plane. I went to Mass and Father's homily was about putting our children on a plane and letting them go. I was floored. Father had no idea about my son, I tell you God is always with me at my most trying moments as a mother.

    My granddaughter Kiara just started Kindergarten today. I can't believe how fast time goes, seems like yesterday I was carrying her in my arms singing, "This little light of mine," Kiara means "Little Light"

  5. Linda,
    Don't lose hope. The Lord turned me around and believe me, I was not in a state of grace. I will pray for him.

    Kiara is a beautiful name. I hope she enjoyed her first day of kindergarten!