Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yikes! We had a major flood in our condo. We had my brother over for a visit tonight and he said,"What's that noise? It sounds like your water is running."  I went into the kitchen, looked up and saw water pouring into our apartment coming from the condo above us. Unfortunately, they were not home and no one could get in. By the time someone managed to get in upstairs the damage was done. 2 inches of water upstairs and it all leaked down into our place, through the light fixtures, the ceilings and the walls. We mopped frantically for hours. The brand new light fixture in our kitchen cracked and we have no electricity in our kitchen or bathroom. Finally, the guys from ServePro showed up. They are using a water extracter on the carpets and a dehumidifier in our condo and the one upstairs. What a mess. That's what I get for complaining to the Lord about my dirty floors ;) They're spotless now! On the plus side, my ceilings need to be painted anyway.

The odd thing was that we were not even supposed to be home. Every other Saturday is date night for my husband and I; we alternate with my sister and her husband and take turns babysitting. I was not feeling well so Randy dropped Michaela off to play with her cousins and then came home. Had we not been here the damage would have been phenomenal. The Lord is good.


  1. Good gracious... sorry to hear about that. Glad you were home, and hopefully the mess will be all cleaned up soon.
    In a few years, you'll look back and laugh about this.

  2. I am laughing already. Our door swelled up and it takes a mighty tug to open it. My dogs are fascinated with the industrial size dehumidifier and huge fans. They like the breeze I think;) Insurance should cover most of the damage. The place will probably look better afterward.

  3. O man this is a hard one! My basement flooded twice within a couple of months. But not from above. So Sorry :(

    Hang in there!

  4. Goodness me!
    The worst flooding I've had was in the bathroom from the washing machine and that took a long time to dry up but nothing like what happened to you!

    But yes, let's praise the Lord! It certainly could have been worse!

    God bless.

  5. Wow, you are so lucky that you had stayed in. I'm so sorry that happened to you and your family. What a mess it must have been. Good news though, hopefully you will get your ceiling painted now. Hopefully for free by your condo management ;)

  6. Tricia,
    We will get our ceiling painted for free;) It's a good thing ,too, because I can't hold my arms up long enough to paint. We have to wait six weeks though.