Sunday, September 6, 2009

the rose

Michaela wanted to do a post, too. She typed it out herself. Here it is:

my name is michaela. my mom named me aftr sant michael the ark anjl . my mitle name is rose becaus mothr mary is a butiful rose. my favrit bibl story is danyel and the lions. I no the rosere. my favrit mistres ar the sorrafl mistres becaus thay ar sad. thay put a crown of thorns on his hed. jesus got naled to the cros. I thinc it hert rele bad. mary cried. the agonne is sad to. the end


  1. Hi Michaela, thank you for your post.
    You have a beautiful name. I am also proud to be named after an archangel.
    I'm also very sad that they put a crown of thorns on Jesus' head but did you know that for every good child there is one less thorn on His head? :)

  2. Hi Michaela,

    You get an A+++ for writing on your Mother's
    blog all by yourself. Great job!!

    Love, Auntie Kathy

  3. Mommy thinks you did a good job too!

  4. Kath,
    I told her if she wanted to post on my blog she was going to have to sound out the words because I wasn't going to help her with the spelling. She insisted that she knew enough about God to write a post, so I let her.

  5. What a wonderful post Michaela! Love, Uncle John