Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Combox Funnies or "Proof that Catholics are Bonkers"

This is a true conversation that took place when Floogle started the + 1 thingamajig. Names have been changed to protect the innocent:

m&m: Hey! I've got a bit of time on my hands...
...anyone want me to +1 them for a while?
I need a test market.

cadbury king:  I don't quite understand how +1 works. Try it on my blog if it doesn't hurt!
As I said on a previous comment; there's a spring protruding out of my computer chair and one pain is enough for now.

m&m: +1 ing will probably give you a pain in the same place that the spring does :) From what I can see and from what I have gleaned from Puffleberry, it's a way of recommending sites and posts to others and it works in a similar manner to "liking" something on Disgracebook. I just tested it on colleenchipcookie's's site and it worked. It works on yours too - I just +1'd your most recent post. It was hilarious!

puffleberry: When You +1 a post, it means you are recommending it to others on your floogle account. Say I +1 your post, when I +1 it it will ask me to sign into my floogle account, and the post will be promoted on my floogle account. It's like "like"ing something on disgracebook. Yikes, my verification word is "chest"!

m&m: In other words - It's a self-promoting gambit by Floogle to raise their standings in the stock market, right? Lol! Okay, I'm popping over to +1 you so I can see what happens. Thanks Puffleberry!
Chest? Yes, flogger has been a bit rude lately, Puffleberry, but do not take offense because this will become less noticeable once Frodoberry is weaned ;) Still, they should not be remarking on Puffleberry's "stuff" should they? If it makes you feel any better they commented on my rump once and it wasn't very flattering. I think it was "bigrump" or something along those lines.

cadbury king:  Very strange. I've just +1'd your post about Random thoughts on Food; and the picture of my book "Provisions" appeared there. I bet if you go and +1 it too then a picture of you will appear. Yepeee ... I have a new toy to play with! Somehow 2 people +1'd my post on Style Award on my flog. One was you. I wonder who the other one is? Then I +1'd myself to inflate my ego further.

m&m: Yup! You +1'd me alright! How come I didn't get to see the picture of your book though? They must have to work out some kinks still.You mean we can +1 our own posts? Cool!!
So are you saying you got +3'd? 

cadbury king: I +1'd my post on Style on my Flog. And so did you. But I have 3 +1s; so someone else must have done it. I +1'd your posts here. This one, and the previous one and the one about Random thoughts on Godiva. When I did so, I saw a little picture of my book Provisions next to the +1 Blue button you have to press. But, this only happens when I'm logged in to Flogger. If I log off and visit you, all it shows is the number of people who +1'd you. Very confusing. But still fun. I'll +1 everyone I visit. This should gain me extra bonus points with St Peter when I get to meet him. I'll tell him I +1'd everyone and I'd offer to +1 him too if he lets me in.

m&m: My family thinks I'm nuts because I'm laughing so hard at your comment! I think you +10'd me!! What a blast! I'm off to +20 you. I need bonus points with St. Peter too, you know. That comment almost made me fall off my chair...good one, cadbury king! The pearly gates will surely fly open when you stroll up!

m&m: By the way, I went to Floogle and typed in Time for Chocolate Confections and
+1'd your site itself. St Peter is loving me up there ;)

colleenchipcookie: Thanks m&m! This is funny! I still don't get how this all works. I am going to +1 you now!!

barbecue: So is this +1 stuff only open to Flogger users? This is the first I've heard of it.

m&m: colleenchipcookie,
You bet it's funny! Thanks for +1-ing me! Even if it doesn't work St Peter will still let you pass because your intention was to +1 ;)

m&m: barbecue,
I'm not sure. I +1'd your site on Floogle but I couldn't do it from your site itself. I think it's open to everyone but has to be enabled maybe? Or, maybe you have to be a chocoholic to apply?

karomello: m&m,
I noticed this feature at the end of mine as well as other floggers posts but never clicked it. I would have to agree it is more for boosting Floogle's ratings than anything else. I do like the other feature that Flogger provides where the icons to share a person's post either by e-mail Disgracebook, Flitter or Flog This appear at the end of a flogger's post.
Love the comedy routine between you and cadbury king; I'd like to +1 them :)

cadbury king: Thanx m&m for all your +1s. I think I'll go to Floogle and +1 them. That will confuse them that they've been +1'd. Then I'll go to the other ones ... you know, they call themselves ASK (Jeeves). And I'll ask them why is Floogle better. I wonder what they'll say. And I'll +1 them too to make them feel better.

cadbury king: I was +1'd by a driver today when he overtook me and waved his hand in the air. It's catching on I think.

m&m: karamello
I have no idea how the share feature got on my flog to be honest with you. Must have been during one of those "push random buttons and see what happens" sessions. This flog was built on those.
Pay no mind to our +1 ing rampage, some of us are easily amused by new gadgets ;) Be on guard though, you just may be next on our list! Oh...right, I already attacked your flog yesterday :) 

m&m: cadbury king,
Yes, I get +1'd a lot in the car too lately so it's definitely catching on.
You've got a great sense of humor, cad! It leaves me non+ed sometimes ;)

puffleberry: Hey, come on over and +1 me if you want!

m&m: Hi puffleberry,
On my way!

+1 shows up in Floogle plus which, I guess you know, is the social network that Floogle is trying to use to compete with flitter/db. I kind of like it myself bc there's so few people on it, it's not full of folks promoting themselves & ads etc. Just more like a few folks talking. And you can put people in different circles so that you're not telling folks at work all about your homelife etc :-)


jellybean: I hadn't even noticed it myself. I'm a bit behind the times here:)

m&m: jellybean,
 Pay no attention to my babbling posts...I'm too easily amused by little stuff like this.


  1. I seem to remember this conversation. So I +oned you all the same.

    God bless.

  2. Victor,
    Yes, I noticed the +1 and said, "Cadbury king did that for sure!"

    I didn't want Blogger to -1 me or Google to dump me so I changed their names just in case too :) When I reread these comments I couldn't help but laugh all over again when you said, "This should gain me extra bonus points with St Peter when I get to meet him. I'll tell him I +1'd everyone and I'd offer to +1 him too if he lets me in." I loved the car comment too - "I was +1'd by a driver today when he overtook me and waved his hand in the air. It's catching on I think." And then you +1'd yourself to see what would happen :)

    I don't know how your brain comes up with this stuff but it tickles my funnybone!

  3. I've just lost my +1 because I upset St Paul. See my Blog.

    God bless.

  4. Hello!

    I was searching for Catholic blogs and stumbled onto your blog.

    I am so glad that I did.


  5. Fun Conversation! I had to laugh and I needed a good laugh!

    I have a +G account, it's not at all thrilling to me, but than again nether is "disgracebook" or "chirp"! I personally prefer to read fun posts like this one in my free time!!
    Thanks, Mary!
    BTW: I'm going to +1 you!! ;-)

  6. Ah Victor! Not to worry! You're in good with St. Peter, remember? You +1'd him ages ago. I'm popping over to "fix" your problem. I'm sorry St. Paul was a bit nonplussed by your post!

  7. Hi Melissa! Welcome to my blog. Uhm...I'm not always this silly. Right, everyone? (Victor IS though, so be warned :)

  8. Errrr...Jennifer? What's a +G account? I've heard of +1, but +G?

    Loved the "chirp"!!

    Thanks for +1ing me!! St. Peter has a soft spot for +oners, you know!

    We'll have to work on St. Paul I guess.

  9. +1 and +G are really one and the same. I have a profile page for Google+ so anything I +1 will show up on my page so my "friends" can see it. The +1 button is kind of like "disgracebook's" LIKE buttons you see everywhere.

    If you go to my blog there is a G+ box at the top of the page just under my logo. It's sandwiched between "digracebook" and "chirp" It will take you to my Google+ profile.
    Like I said, it's real thrilling, NOT!! I tried it just for the fun of it. But I really have no interest in it. I have a few followers that use it so I keep it going, but really just for them.
    If St. Peter only lets +1ers into heaven I'm in big trouble!! Unless +1ing yourself is okay....
    So is St. Peter okay with you +1ing yourself? Because my stuff is the only thing I +1, aside from a few things here and there (like your post)!! ;-)

  10. Okay..... I am totally lost......

  11. Jennifer,
    Thanks for the explanation! Of course +1ing yourself is good! St Peter loves it! Besides, you're really
    +1ing God, aren't you?

    Plus, he saw you +1ing me :) That counts as an act of!

  12. That's okay, Grace - so am I :) Confused that is! I laugh at the dumbest me no mind!

  13. I get it now. After looking at the comment section where all these "+1 and *2" thingys are. :)

  14. Puffleberry" Really? I mean really, that's the best you could come up with?? Geez Louise Murphy Brown..

    Aside: You having a slow newsday aren't you??

  15. Hi Grace,
    I guess it's a good thing you didn't know about it before because I would have had to choose a nickname for you if you had commented!

    What's your favorite candy or treat? ;)

  16. Puff,
    I deliberately chose Puffleberry because I knew it would get your goat :) My first pick was Creampuff but you are so NOT a creampuff. Besides, I didn't know your favorite food. Care to enlighten me?

    I'm always having a slow newsday.

  17. Hi Puff,
    That helps :) I'm sure I can come up with something better than Puffleberry next time. Ha! I knew that would get a rise out of you though!