Friday, May 4, 2012

The Space Between Us

Or maybe I should have titled this post - The World According to Victor Moubarak. After I remarked on the huge empty space between my last post and the comment box, he replied:
"And by the way, the reason for the long gap between your post and the comments box is to teach us patience and perseverance."

After laughing my rather large (rather large does not mean enormous by the way) you-know-what off I decided to leave the space in honor of our Lord's attempts to help us all grow in virtue. Never say that I don't care about you all!

Besides, I can't fix it anyway.

But I love the way Victor looks at the world! You will too - check out the link!


  1. Thanx Mary for the link; and for making us smile. I very much appreciate your kindness and humour.

    God bless you and your family.

  2. Hi Victor,
    Thank YOU, my friend! You have no idea how many laughs you've given me over the past few years. Both on your website and from your comments!

  3. Hi JBR,
    You have no clue how curious I am about your name! I smiled at the poll. Tried to vote twice but it wouldn't let me. I hope you are doing well, my friend :) Hugs to you, too!

  4. Mary I am glad you are excited to learn of my name. Monday if all is well, it will be revealed. Yeah, only one vote per person. Hugs to you dear....

  5. "But I love the way Victor looks at the world!"

    Hmmm ... my latest post puts a whole new meaning to this.