Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gift from God

My mother's name means "Gift from God" and she is surely this! She has received many graces and spiritual gifts from the Lord so I asked her to write for this blog and my other blogs also. Today she gave me her first post and here it is:

At the request of my daughter, Mary, I am sharing certain spiritual events in my life that have led me to believe (to know) of God's love and caring for us in a very personal and individual way.

I had been an "on and off Catholic" for many years before these things happened. (I started out as Greek Orthodox - having been baptized, communed and confirmed in that church. My father was of the Greek Orthodox faith and my mother was Catholic.)

About thirty plus years ago, I was at the beach, sitting with friends, and I heard the words "in my head"---" Taste and see the sweetness of the Lord." These words resounded in my head all day long. For the next several months, I tasted this sweetness in my spiritual life....thinking about God almost all the time (and loving Him with such a tender love).

A few months later, I heard the words---" Satan has asked that you be sifted as wheat." As before, these words echoed in my mind all day. Well, the bottom fell out after this. (But this is another story for later)]

The following year, I heard (all day long) " Feed my sheep." I was very puzzled by this, as my family was struggling so much with health problems and lack of money (there were seven in our family". We were living out the second word given to me (more about that another time).

Later in the year, I heard the words ---" Little children, it pleases The Father to give you the kingdom."

As to the above, I did not write down actual dates---but I do remember the start of this to be 1976-1978.

When I thought about the words, they appeared to be stages  (both spiritual and actual).


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