Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is another posting from my mom. It is about my grandmother's passing from this world to our heavenly home. I was blessed to be present while this was happening, she had a very peaceful death . I could feel Our Lady's presence. Here it is:

I was about to continue with the "sifting stage," but I sensed the Lord telling me to move on. ( We are sifted our whole life in one way or another.)

I did not know where to start; so Mary suggested our experience at the nursing home where Memere was staying.

One day while Mary and I were working together, I told her we had to go to the nursing home right away to pray for memere. My sister-in-law welcomed the prayer support. This was on a tuesday morning.

We prayed the rosary all day. At one point, my sister-in-law tearfully said - "When is she going to die?" I blurted out - "on Friday."

We continued praying every day from morning until evening. On Friday evening, my sister-in -law said to me, " You told me she was going to die on Friday." I said, " She is - at eight o' clock."

There were several people in the room at the time, and they heard me say the time. Even as Memere's legs changed color, her hands were still moving on the rosary beads that someone had placed in her hand. A tear rolled down her eye and Memere died exactly at 8pm on Friday. You can imagine the scene.....Everyone was crying. We said a prayer of thanksgiving to God for "His Mercy."

Now, I want to explain.... I have had many experiences of this kind. I am not a psychic or a prophet. This only happens after a whole lot of prayer and only in situations where there is a need to help another person who is suffering. I can only give what I am given.



  1. beautiful! It must be a gift from God!

  2. Anne,
    She has many gifts from the Holy Spirit.Her name means "gift from God" and she is definitely a gift in my eyes.