Monday, July 6, 2009

"Jesus! Take the wheel! "

My family goes to the beach for a few weeks each summer, we love the ocean and my husband loves to go fishing. This year my huband and daughter left about an hour before me and I said that I would meet them at the cottage. I decided to pray the sorrowful mysteries on the way, I've always enjoyed praying in the car. Sometimes the Lord and I just chat, but I love meditating on the sorrowful mysteries. As I have spoken about in I unite everything with Jesus, even every breath I take. This day was no different and I was praying with my whole heart when suddenly the skies opened up and rain started coming down in buckets. I couldn't see more than than ten feet in front of me [I don't like driving in heavy rain and of course there was a huge truck in front of me to top it all off.] I kept praying and uniting the sufferings of the moment with His but the rain got so bad I said "Jesus! Take the wheel please." Immediately, the song "Be Not Afraid" started going through my head and a feeling of immense peace came over me and I actually started enjoying the ride. By the way, Jesus.... you drive quite well for somebody who never had lessons!

It's funny, I had just checked out a blog called " Be Not Afraid" just the day before so maybe that's why the song came into my head but what was really odd is that when I switched lanes to get out from behind the truck, the license plate in front of me read "xesus" with a few numbers following it [Xesus is the Galician form of Jesus.]

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