Friday, July 31, 2009

Yes, America, there is a God

Yes, America, there is a God and we are always in His Divine Presence. You may not believe in Him but He believes in you. Many of us go through life utterly unaware of this Presence; some of us have run away from Him, some have hid their faces from HE WHO IS, others just don't want to be bothered by Him. There are others who are afraid of Him, "Perhaps, if I don't pay attention to HIM , He won't notice ME! "

I have done all of the above....none of them worked. The Lord called me by name, grasped me by the hand and pulled me from the pit I had dug for myself (with a little help from the ugly one). Yes, my conversion was miraculous,
but this grace was given in this manner so that I might tell others about it. It was a spiritual manifestation of the gift that is given to every single one of us. The gift of Divine Mercy.


  1. Has anyone answered your bunco question yet? It's a dice game, 12 women sit at 3 tables and rotate teams of 2 throughout the night, so its very social and lots of fun!

  2. No,but you just did! That does sound fun, I wonder why we don't have it around here? Thanks for the info!