Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Down

One down, only 118 to go. I wonder who I offended this time?

Hopefully it wasn't the Pope.

What? You didn't know he follows my blog?

Why else would his picture be on my followers list?


  1. Mary,
    I once wrote a blog post about a dear friend. The next day I noticed he was no longer following my blog. I thought I'd offended him by what I'd written. It seemed obvious to me. Immediately I deleted the post (which poked just a tiny bit of fun at my friend, but I thought he could take it). I cried and cried at the thought of losing such a good friend over a moment's carelessness with words. Finally I rang his wife to apologise. She had no idea what I was talking about. Later that day, I received a message from the 'offended' friend. He hadn't even read the post. He'd decided to subscribe to my blog instead of following it. He ordered me to repost the story about him. Later, he read the post and loved it. It was all a big misunderstanding!

    So Mary, maybe no one was offended at all! Maybe your follower has now subscribed instead. And even if they have gone away, there are lots of us here wanting more of your posts!

    And I love your humour, Mary! I haven't got the Pope or any of the saints following me. My children kindly followed my blog so it looks like I've got some readers!!

  2. Sue,
    Thanks for sharing your story. Actually, my followers go up and down so often that I cannot tell who left anyway. The Little Flower is still here ;) Wouldn't want to lose a saint!

    I joke around too much, Sue. I just can't resist! It's all my Dad's fault anyway, he teased us as soon as we could talk!

  3. This is funny! I did unfollow a few lately. i have no idea if they are teasing on their blogs that tulip lady has left the building. I just was too quick to follow some early on.

    I love you and reading here so no worries tulip lady will leave your blog.

  4. So ... you lost a follower.

    Here's a tip on how not to lose followers.

    First open many accounts on Blogger under different names. Then let all these accounts follow your blog. Look at my blog ... none of my followers really exist ... they're all me ... In fact I'm not sure I really exist. I believe I am a figment of my own imagination. Which makes me wonder who is writing this comment right now ...

    Hic ... must stop putting whisky on my cornflakes for breakfast. Brandy is better ... hic ...

    God bless.

  5. I feel bad about unfollowing someone, the other day. We weren't in contact and I didn't think she'd notice! It's like trying to decide if you still know someone well enough to keep sending the yearly Christmas card.

    You know, Mary, I think someone should write a book about Internet etiquette - someone who has a sense of humor like, um, you?! :)

  6. :) I think I agree with Sue, I have stopped following blogs myself, not because I was in any way offended but simply because I found an easier way to do so! Have a lovely day...and don't worry St. Colleen (that's me, I'm a little known saint as of yet;) is still here too!

  7. Tulip lady has left the building? That's funny, Colleen :)

  8. Victor,
    I'm inclined to agree with you on that one. Brandy goes good with rice crispies, too. Just don't try it with froot loops. You'll have to trust me on this one...hic...

    Good grief! How many more Blogger accounts can I open? 116 isn't enough? Besides, I can't find a good Blessed Kateri picture anyway. I wouldn't want to mess up her profile with a bad picture.

    Yes, we are two figments of our own imaginations conversing next to that tree that fell in the forest that does not exist because nobody heard it fall ;)

    Now I know why Randy was grinning when he read your comment on his imaginary phone this morning :)

  9. Vicky,
    Your Marilyn Monroe picture was stunning. You captured that air of fragility and innocence that surrounded her despite the circumstances of her life. She always touched my heart for that very reason.

    A book? Surely you jest, my friend! How about a post instead? Hmmm...I like that thought. Thanks for the idea, Vicky!

  10. St. Colleen,
    You forgot to put on your halo in your profile picture. Oh, that's right...I were having it sent out for cleaning that day. You can delete me as long as you don't deface me :) Uhmm, I think I mean defriend me...I'm a newbie on there.

  11. Hi Mary, I'm not sure I would even notice if someone stopped following me!! The problem is that there are so MANY blogs out there that you can't do a good job following ALL of them! It's a labyrinth that has no end!

    I have not deleted myself from other blogs but there are many that I don't go back too. I tend to stay with my Catholic and Christian bloggers instead of the ones who just do giveaways. And I still feel like I lag behind in the blogs I follow!

  12. Noreen,
    You're right, it's hard to navigate around the blogosphere without getting lost. There are a lot of good blogs out there but a person has only a certain amount of time to read so it makes it difficult. I fall behind too!