Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Lady of Sorrows

On this feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows I want to dedicate these three poems to Our Lady. Most of you have read The Hammer  and many have read Forever and Two Hearts but I still wanted to put them up today in honor of our Heavenly Mother.

Two Hearts
The Woman raised eyes sorrowful

Bedimmed with grief and loss

Suffering, she spoke not a word

But leaned upon the cross

In agony, her tears flowed down

A soldier pierced His side

Thorns crowned her baby's head

Her Life , her Joy, her Pride

Upon this scene I entered

Espied entwined two Hearts

Naked he came from her womb

...and naked he departs


The Babe beheld his mother's eyes
As tenderly she soothed his cries
Filled with love and motherly joy
Mary caressed her baby boy

Throughout his life these eyes of grace
Followed Him from place to place
Until one day they mournfully
Followed Him to Calvary

Pierced by sorrow, stung by grief
She crawled beneath the witness tree
The Lord gazed down, beheld his mother
As one last time they looked at each other

Her eyes spoke forever, a love so profound
They rained their sorrow upon the ground
And those beautiful eyes first seen at his birth
Were the last eyes He saw as He left the earth

         The Hammer
A Babe was born one silent night
To bring to earth a shining light
O Wisdom! Truth! A young boy grew
To bring to all life anew

And yet throughout this Child's years
A hammer echoed in his ears

He cured the sick and healed the lame
Forgave our sins, took on our shame
Light pierced darkness, brave and true
Grace upon grace for me and for you

But still throughout our Savior's years
A hammer echoed in his ears

A judas kiss, a King betrayed
Upon the cross the Lamb was laid
The hammer fell again and again
For human hearts are full of sin

And a mother's eyes streamed with tears
As the hammer echoed in her ears

O Heart so sorrowful, I tell you true
...this hammer echoes in my ears too


  1. My word verification was "blest"! Your poems here are blest!!

  2. Now that is waaaay cool! I can't wait to tell Randy this one! He usually gets all the good words you know.

    I offered them to Our Lady and she liked them :)Maybe she'll put them on her fridge in heaven.