Friday, October 7, 2011

I am curious...

Am I the only one who is still having trouble commenting on the sites of my fellow bloggers? Every single day at least half the comments I leave do not go through. Is this happening to anyone else? It was suggested to me that the problem may be with my browser, Internet Explorer, so if anyone else is having this problem I'd be interested in hearing from them. Thanks.

Though it wouldn't surprise me if I'm the problem. Technology and I never did get along very well...


  1. Oh, I thought it was me who forgot to add the code, etc.

  2. This has happened to me once. It was my computer that was the problem. My husband "re-installed" something and it was better.
    I have no idea what it've been no help at all, have I? Sorry!

  3. Esther,
    No, I don't think it's you. I'm being very careful to make sure I put in the verification words properly and the comments still don't go through on half the sites I visit. It happens every day. It says "redirecting" and then nothing happens. Or a star pops up with an exclamation point in it. I just don't get it (not that that's surprising or anything... :)

  4. Nancy,
    Thank you ;) It's the thought that counts. Lol! Okay...I'll have Randy reinstall "something" and "it" will get better! Well, you get points for the thought AND for bringing a smile to my face :)

    It can't be the computer because it's happening on the laptop too. We use Internet Explorer on both though so maybe it IS the browser.

  5. Mary, we started using Firefox because we were having problems with Internet Explorer. I'm not sure if it will help with the comments but it seems to do better with some features and, also, with some websites that we use.

    It was lovely to see you on my blogs, this week, Mary - thank you for your kind comments:)

  6. I think it might be your browser. When I use my computer at work I can't comment(it's an old version of internet explorer at home we use mozilla) but my computer at home works fine.

  7. Vicky,
    Your site is one of the ones I'm having a trouble commenting on. I'm glad I finally was able to get through :)

  8. Anne,
    Thanks for letting me know. With you, Vicky, and Victor thinking it's the browser I might have to switch to Firefox and see if that solves the problem. I just don't understand why it would suddenly become an issue. Oh, well...I'm glad it's not the computer itself :)

  9. Are you signed into blogger all the time? I have found on some computers, that if I have not signed in then I am unable to comment. I write the comment but it wont post. It doesnt ask me to sign in, it just lets me think I can't get my comment posted!

  10. I had the same problem with my computer and it was nothing to do with my posture or the way I sit!

    At first my computer expert pointed out that the computer was not switched on. Once this problem was solved I discovered that when I typed on the keyboard no words appeared in the comments box. It remained blank.

    Apparently, this was due to me accidently dropping hot coffee on the keyboard the previous day and it had short-circuited it. I could not find a longer circuit so I bought a new keyboard.

    Now I can comment and annoy most people whose blogs I visit. Except a few ... (they are praying it remains so).

    I have been told that Blogger sends out cookies to your computer and if Internet Explorer is set NOT to accept cookies then you will not be able to write. I have changed the settings on my Internet Explorer to accept cookies and I can now comment on most blogs I visit. I have not had this problem with Firefox. Maybe my expert had already set it to accept cookies.

    I am writing to you now on Internet Explorer. It is easy to change the settings to accept cookies and then you clean your computer every week or so. But not with hot water and soap; there's a special program you install free which cleans the inside of your computer of all un-wanted stuff. It works just like castor oil or fig juice; only a bit slower.

    God bless.

  11. Yes Mary, it is IE. I switched over to Mozilla firefox and have no problems. Blessings to you dear one.

  12. I tried commenting on some sites yesterday and it didn't work. Today I have successfully commented on one site...let's see if I can make this go through. :-)

  13. Colleen,
    Yeah, that's weird :) No, I don't think it's that, I'm usually pretty good about signing in and it has been happening every day - I can comment fine on some sites but barely at all on others.

  14. Victor,
    Very funny! I particularly enjoyed the "longer circuit" remark! How do you think these things up? Lol!
    We clean out our "cookies" now and then. After one likes them stale.

    Setting the computer to do anything is Randy's territory (like taking out the trash...he has his "chores", I have mine)so I'll ask him to read this and take a look. The only thing I ever do is run the security software because I hate getting viruses. Drippy noses and sore throats are not my thing.

    God bless you too, Victor :)

  15. JBR,
    Thank you! I think I will switch browsers, Mozilla Firefox is better anyway and I used it on my old computer without any trouble. God bless :)

  16. Mary,
    You too? Well, maybe the comments here will be of help to you also :) Good luck!

  17. Mary, I'm so glad you brought this up! I have been having the same problem for over a week. I fill out everything and then hit preview or post, and my comment is erased. So..I've started copying my comment, so that I can keep pasting it as I try different ways of signing into a particular blog. Very frustrating!

    I'm okay on some blogs, but others, like CCB's, are impossible for me.

    Hmm, wonder if this comment will survive!

  18. Patricia,
    Your comment survived :) I still haven't switched browsers so thanks for the copying tip! LOL!! Yes, it is frustrating!