Monday, October 17, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Vicky at Victoria Leach - Portrait Art has passed on to me a Stylish Blogger Award. Vicky is a gifted artist and an incredibly sweet lady that I am honored to have met online. Many thanks for the award, Vicky!

One of the rules is to share 7 things about yourself and then pass the award along to 5 other bloggers. Here are seven things about me that you might not know:

1. I am a total bookworm and passed the bookworm gene down to my daughter. My parents owned a bookstore when I was a child and I was allowed to read as many books as I wanted to as long as I handled the book very carefully and did not crease it in any way. Randy bought me a Kindle last year because my books clutter up the house. I am currently deeply absorbed in a book titled The Night's Dark Shade: A Novel of the Cathars by Elena Maria Vidal who is also a blogger. The book is so engrossing that I went to sleep two hours later than planned Saturday night because I had a tough time putting it down.

2.When the Lord healed me of Myasthenia Gravis He threw in a couple of bonus healings that I was too embarrassed to mention before now. He healed a large cyst on my head that I had for twenty was gone within three days of the healing service. I had never bothered having it removed because it required shaving an area of my scalp almost two inches wide and my hair is too fine and would not have covered the bald spot. He also healed my toenail fungus :) Yeah, I gross! This cracked me up and made me realize that God has a very good sense of humor.

3. As strange as it may sound, shortly after these healings I mentioned above, God also healed a hip and foot problem I had since birth. The healing took place while I was reading the book The Third Floor Window by Colleen Spiro. Colleen had sent me a copy of her book...little did I realize the impact it would have on my life.  God works in funny ways at times. My gait, while not perfect, is more like a regular person's now and I have much less back trouble. Weird but true.  What is it with me and books, anyway? It was a book that first led me to attend a healing service in the first place.

4.  For a couple of months after these healings took place my body was as flexible as a child's - it was remarkable! I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed when this extreme flexibility went away :)

5. My vision is terrible and stayed that way! Lol! If it weren't for the fact that I wear contacts (or glasses) I would be considered legally blind. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

6. I love to doodle and to sketch but could not draw for many years because the Myasthenia Gravis had affected my hands so much. One of the things I did after being healed was that I started drawing again. Am I very good? No, but it brings me joy.

7. I cry when I write poetry about God. Am I very good? No, but it brings me joy :)

I'd like to pass this award on to :

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I's only supposed to be passed on to 5 people, but I'm very nosy and like to know more about people. If you've already received it, please ignore :)


  1. Mary333,
    I most definitely do NOT deserve this award.

    Besides I have no idea if there even are 7 things of note about me.

    I am very boring

    Odd thing is my verification word is: sistery

  2. Puff,
    Of course you deserve it! Nobody who goes by the name of Puff could be boring! I think you are smart and funny!
    Plus, we are "sistery" in Christ too.
    Having said all that - you don't have to tell 7 things about yourself if you don't want to :)

  3. Mahalo Mary!! Wow, Stylish Blogger Award! I don't think I deserve this either but I am grateful and will see if I could come up with 7 things about myself. Like Puff, I I think I am boring.

    As for your 7 I wish I had parents who owned a bookstore and let me read all the books I wanted!!

    Your honest answers were very interesting to say the least :-)

  4. Hi Esther,
    You are far from boring! Even if you've never had toenail fungus. Have you ever had it?

    Just kidding! (Not about my toenail fungus healing but about wanting to know if you had it :)

    I love your blog, Esther!

    It WAS nice having all those books at my fingertips when I was young. I have to pay for them now!

  5. Thanks for the award Mary! I had not received so I'm sure I'll be offering some little known facts about myself soon. Thanks too for the homily tips-I know that John will appreciate it. Your thoughts are very similar to the ones that I shared with him via email. Great minds...

    I'm so glad that you mentioned so much about healing services. I just found out that a nearby monastery offers them every month and I plan to go to the November Mass. I have never been to one before and am anxious to see what it's like. I love the fact that our faith has so much to offer-there's always some way of praying that I've never tried or some little known saint that I've never heard of before. One thing Catholicism is not-boring!

    Thanks for writing your wonderful blog Mary and for your beautiful friendship!

  6. Anne,
    I still remember the last time you offered "little known facts about yourself" :)

    Our faith really does have so much to offer - I am constantly learning new things too! As for healing services, I don't know why I waited so long to go to one. My friend's daughter was healed instantly of childhood leukemia at a healing service years ago. The doctors in Boston were so amazed by this that they actually named a room at the hospital after her daughter :)Coincidentally, it was through the same priest (Fr. Ralph DiOrio) that my healing came from. I will be praying for you, my friend!

  7. Thanks Mary. I will see what I can come up with. If my parents had owned a book store I think I would have had a hard time making it to school. I could read all day!

  8. Karin,
    You and me both! My daughter always has her nose in a book too :)

  9. Mary333, You helped me with my number 6.

    My big toe has fungus. I find Lamisil works wonders.

    Bear got rid of his by injecting vinegar under his nail. OOOOUUUUCH!

  10. Thanks, Mary, as I was reading yours, I thought, I am glad I don't have to do that, until I got to the end....LOL.

    Our God is so great and wonderful, thanks for sharing your healings.

  11. Your list is really interesting, Mary. I understand much more about healings after reading about your experience.

    When I was young, I think I would have liked my parents to own a lolly store!

    Thank you for the lovely words, Mary - it's so heart-warming to receive such kindness:)

  12. Thank you Mary! Thanks also for mentioning my book and linkng to it. I have always felt so humbled by your stories of your healings. God is so good! God bless!

  13. Unacustommed as I am to public speaking I will nevertheless make an acceptance speech on behalf of myself and me even; gratefully accept this prestigious Award awarded me by my great blogger friend Mary.

    Whenever I sit at my computer and see this beautiful Award on my monitor screen great pangs run right through my body. This is because, dear friends, the stuffing has worn out of my chair and there's a big spring protruding from it.

    So it is with great pride and pain that I humbly accept this Award and invite you all to visit my Blog and read 7 things you probably never knew about me.

    God bless and thank you.

  14. Beautiful stories Mary. I love to hear how wonderfully God works! He's always perfict!

  15. Puff,
    Ha! I knew somebody would be brave enough to "fess up" about having toenail fungus! I should have known it would be you! It's really quite common and my guess is that a good portion of the folks who read my blog have it or have had it;)

    What is wrong with Bear?! Ouch!! Some people just like doing things the hard way! Lol!

  16. Mary,
    Lol! Sorry, I couldn't resist ;) I'm nosy, remember? Plus I was curious to see whether you named your other appliances or not!

    Seriously though, I just wanted to show my appreciation for your blog-
    putting up a post about it is optional.

    The healing of my cyst and toenails really touched my heart despite how humorous I found it. It showed an immense kindness on God's part that He would care about such small things.

  17. Vicky,
    Thank you so much for sending me the award! Is a lolly a lollipop? I probably would have loved that as a child too! Unfortunately, we were only allowed to eat candy on Halloween. On the plus side, I never got a cavity until I was
    32 :)

  18. Colleen,
    I think I told you about the toenail fungus and the cyst when I e-mailed you about the healing :) You were the only one I told back then! You are in for quite a surprise when you get to heaven and you see what sharing your story led to. I left out a few details because they were too hard to put into words (spiritual stuff is very hard to explain). Your book is anointed by God. My mom said the very same thing when she read it. She even remembered the name of the doctor (Dr. Fairfield) who tried to treat my hip and foot problem when I was a baby. This was the doctor who had my parents nail shoes into a board in my crib and my feet were placed in the shoes during the night in hopes of straightening my hips and feet enough to walk well. In some ways this healing was stranger than all the others put together. I have no doubt that I received a spiritual healing as well. I am very glad you wrote that book, Colleen :) Thank you!

  19. Victor! I laughed so hard when I read your post! You took this award thing to a whole new level! Well done, my friend. I loved your take on this :)

  20. Thank you, Jennifer. God has truly blessed me :)

  21. Hi Mary, it was great to learn so much about you in your post! You are very real and sincere in your posting and I admire your strength. It's fun to have these opportunities of awarding each other! You certainly deserve it!!

  22. Thanks so much for giving me this award. Your seven things were interesting.

    BTW, anyone suffering from toenail fungus can paint the nails with oil of lavender every day and it will kill the fungus. Toenail fungus is a sign of poor immunity so regular taking of probiotics may be a big help in avoiding the problem. Sorry, I just can't resist passing on my discoveries!

    Your amazing healing is a lot more amazing than I first thought. God surely has a job for you that you couldn't have done if you stayed sick.