Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sabbath Moments - The "Good Thief"

Sabbath Moments is a weekly meme hosted by Colleen at Thoughts on Grace. These are the moments when we "let go and let God" and live in the present moment. Here are a few of them :

This is "Porky" and she lives in the woods next to our home. She, along with "Foxy Roxy" (sorry, no picture) are the neighborhood "pets" (yes, this is an anagram).

And this little guy below? Well, I'll let him speak for himself:

I chew on everything!

      Including Mommy's books. That's what she gets for leaving them in piles behind the sofa. Slob! I
      steal them and drag them under the sofa sometimes. I steal from her purse when she forgets to put it
      on the table as she comes in. I can't get it when she puts it in the fridge. Why does she do that? She
      says it's hormones but Daddy says she's been doing it all her life. I believe him because I saw her
      put ice cream in the cabinet once. Plus, she loses her keys every single day. (I help her lose them.)

                  I can hear you even when I'm asleep. These ears aren't just for show you know!

                                She won't know what hit her when I wake up! I better hide my grin!


                  Five minute naps are too long! Now, where did I hide Michaela's new shoes?


  1. This little guy seems too cute to get mad at (and probably knows it). My mother once put magazines in the freezer. I told my sister we better watch out, Mom will freeze anything!

  2. Thanks for these cute pictures. Puppies are trouble but also worth a lot of laughs. I'd like to come and play with him. Is he feeling better?

    Your post reminds me of when our first Finnish Spitz, Fritzie, was a puppy. We mistakenly left him alone at home and not in his crate. When we got back from errands, he had dragged every shoe in my husband's closet down the hall and into the living room where they were all in a pile. Fortunately, he hadn't chewed a one, but if we hadn't gotten home when we did I shudder to think of all the damage he would have done.

    Other times we would return and he had torn every page of the newspaper into perfectly straight strips about an inch and a half wide - something I didn't know could even be done. I really miss that dog.

  3. Karin,
    He's very cute. I find it very difficult to get mad at animals :) Caesar now weighs a little over three pounds and is a bundle of energy. I am an animal lover in general but dogs are my favorite!
    Do magazines freeze well? Lol! I am a bit absentminded and often put things in the wrong place but I haven't put magazines in the freezer. Yet ;)

  4. Barb,
    Yes, he's feeling much better! He's all ears, isn't he? The name Papillon comes from the fact that their ears look like butterflies, especially from the back. My daughter wanted a chihuahua but the papillons are better with children. They look a bit like chihuahuas so she is very happy with him and he loves playing with her and her friends.

    Funny story about Fritzie! I had a good laugh over this one! Good thing you got home when you did :) As for the newspaper, my dog Zeb used to do that all the time, no so neatly though! I crate Caesar when I leave too but when I am home I just leave the door ajar in case he wants to go in there for a nap.

    Barb, I miss every dog I've ever had in my life. They have a way of worming their way into our hearts, don't they?

    Thanks for sharing this funny story!

  5. Mary, he is indeed very cute!!

    "Barb, I miss every dog I've ever had in my life. They have a way of worming their way into our hearts, don't they?" - Don't they though!!!

  6. Esther,
    Yes, they do :) I STILL miss my first dog from when I was a child, he lived for almost 18 years and died when I was 25. I am crazy to do this over and over again but I can't resist them :)

  7. Mary, thanks for the pictures! Your puppy is adorable! I love the ears, too. Thanks for joining me in Sabbath Moments!!

  8. We live in a crazy place, Colleen :) The plastic bin behind the dog is for when my daughter lets her hamsters out of their cages so that they don't run around my house. Yesterday, one escaped and went into my wall. They have "seed stashes" in there. We caught her this morning thankfully! They get into the wall through the heating elements where the pipe goes. Crazy critters. Lol!

  9. Thank you for the smiles ... I think we share the same book habit. (Except yours look read ;))

    God Bless you.

  10. Are you sure that you don't mean "except yours are all over the floor"? Lol! My husband bought me a Kindle because I have too many books here!

  11. Mary those pictures are priceless. I especially love the picture of your poopy puppy with your books. If looks could kill, that would be the one. Blessings.

  12. Poopy puppy's poopy training isn't going all that well :) Not only is the world one giant bathroom for him, it's also one giant chew toy! He just tried to sneak off the porch, so I put him in the house and he squatted and peed on my carpet on purpose right in front of me because he was mad..."I'll show her!"

  13. And the photos are blurry 'cause he licked the lens!

  14. I was wondering about the blurry, old Hollywood style photos. I thought maybe the puppy's fur is so white the white balance is off or something. Licked the lense, that explains it. Very cute and funny post.

  15. Poopy Puppy is making a statement. I guess a lot of statements. Defiant. Just like a kid. Hope things improve Mary dear. Blessings.

  16. ADORABLE puppy!!!!
    But that porky guy is kind of un-nerving!!! YIKES!

  17. JBR,
    Lol! You've got that right! Lots and lots of statements!

  18. Judy,
    It's a good thing he's cute! He's very sweet natured too :) Kind of makes up for all the messes he makes!

    That porcupine has been hanging around way too much lately. Yikes is right!

  19. Mary, these pics are great! God gives us joy in so many ways. These little critters are just one way of Him sharing is joy and love for all creation!

  20. Thank you for opening such a wonderful site. I am learning a lot here.