Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's all this +1 Stuff About?

What is the purpose of the +1 symbol I'm seeing everywhere lately? Does anyone know anything about it? Out of curiosity I tried to click on it a short while back but it said that only certain people had been selected to take part in it.  Can anyone do it now? I can see that it's to recommend sites and articles but what exactly does it do? Raise your Google standing?

 Yes, I'm looking for the logistics behind it.

Puff? You know "stuff", right?



  1. When You +1 a post, it means you are recommending it to others on your google account.

    Say I +1 your post, when I +1 it it will ask me to sign into my google account, and the post will be promoted on my google account.

    It's like "like"ing something on facebook.

    Yikes, my verificationword is "chest"

  2. In other words - It's a self-promoting gambit by Google to raise their standings in the stock market, right? Lol!

    Okay, I'm popping over to +1 you so I can see what happens. Thanks Puff!

    Chest? Yes, Blogger has been a bit rude lately, Puff, but do not take offense because this will become less noticeable once Frodo is weaned ;) Still, they should not be remarking on Puff's "stuff" should they? If it makes you feel any better they commented on my rump once and it wasn't very flattering. I think it was "bigrump" or something along those lines.

  3. I hadn't even noticed it myself. I'm a bit behind the times here:)

  4. Hi Noreen,
    I just noticed this +1 stuff recently and am having a bit of fun with it ;) Pay no attention to my babbling posts...I'm too easily amused by little stuff like this. Lol!