Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Scoop

My puppy has giardia. He has the runs as he runs...I kid you not. And he never stops running.

Run, Caesar, run.
See Caesar run.
Stop, Caesar, stop.
Caesar won't stop.

- My puppy is leaking  :(
- I can't catch him  :(
- Pooper scoopers don't work on diarrhea :(
- The medication takes weeks to work fully :(

Sigh. Poor little tyke.


  1. Poor you! And poor puppy! Our children want a new puppy - but I'm thinking 'goldfish' after reading this, Mary:)

  2. Vicky,
    Did you enjoy your break? I tried commenting on your site a few times but it wouldn't accept my messages. Blogger's been fussy lately. I wanted to tell you how beautiful the Newborn portrait was :)

    Not "poor me" though :) The souls in purgatory are quite happy that I'm offering all this up patiently! Lol!

  3. Funny for us, meritorious for the poor souls, so messy and bothersome for you . . . Poor little puppy . . . I hope he still manages to put on a little weight while he is waiting for medication to work.

  4. Sympathy for you Mary.

    Advice for Vicky. A goldfish with the runs turns the water orange!

    Commenting on some blogs is still a problem. It's just not running ... constipated I think!

    God bless.

  5. VICKY, NOOOOOOOO! You will fight the demon of flushing the live fish down the terlit almost on a daily basis as it dawns on you that you will have to clean that stupid bowl out AGAIN! We have a Beta and I am SICK TO DEATH of cleaning the bowl. I can't flush it (it's murder!) and I can't give it away (no one wants the bleedin' thing). It's so gross! Not to mention, goldfish are weak fish - they die off fast.

    Mary - so sorry for your pup (and you). Such a horrid thing to have to go through. Our dog has given me enough worry (and bites in the wallet) to last a life time and she's only four this December. I love her, but when she's gone, I'm done. Stick a fork in me. No more pets.

    Of course, the guineas are brilliant - and cute. We'll keep them as long as we are in HI and they are alive (obviously). . . but if we move, we'll give them to PetCo to find homes for again. The Beta? Same deal, if possible. We will take Holly with us - I can't imagine her w/ anyone but us. :) Same for the guineas, really, but flying them back to the mainland? I mean, do guineas even travel that well? I don't know.

    Pets tear at one's heart-strings, don't they?

  6. A leaky poopy puppy. Hoping Caesar gets better soon Mary. Hugs to you both.

  7. Colleen,
    The poor souls are thrilled :) Imagine a dog having diarrhea 18 times in one day? And me chasing down the poor little tyke every time? He gave the giardia to my elderly dog to boot! We have had astronomical vet bills this week and now two dogs with the runs. Yikes! Good thing I have a good sense of humor or I'd be ripping my hair out :)

    This goes to show how much of a dog lover I am. Despite all of this I think Caesar is awesome!

  8. Victor,
    Funny! Yes, I think Blogger is constipated :) Don't you have goldfish, a dog, AND a demon cat? So you probably can relate a bit!

  9. Sarah,
    Speaking of cleaning out fishbowls: my niece was cleaning out the bowl once while I was babysitting her and she accidentally dumped one of her fish down the kitchen sink drain. Guess who had the honor of pulling the slimy little critter out of the slimy drain? Yep, you guessed it! Took me three tries! My nephew said, "No one turn on the garbage disposal!" Hmmph! I should have "accidentally" hit the button ;) Disgusting! No fish for me...ever.

    I do like guinea pigs though. They are cute and friendly (most of the time) and easier to catch than hamsters! Our hamsters have seed stashes in our walls for when they escape.

    Yes, our pocket has taken a bite too. And Caesar's only a couple of months old. We had to bring him in for fluid replacement the other day. Ouch, on the wallet!

    Yes, they do tug at the heart-strings :)

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  11. JBR,
    Yes, that describes the puppy perfectly!

    By the way, you won't catch me on a beach with a plane parting my hair like the ones in your video. They were awesome to watch...from afar ;)

    God bless you, my friend!

  12. I had two goldfish in a tank in the house. I put them in a huge area in the garden and now there's eight ... or nine. They never stay still long enough for me to count them.

    If you put orange juice in the goldfish bowl they just vanish. Magic trick!

    God bless.

    P.S. It's a joke. Don't try it at home kids!

  13. Oh yes, that's right! They are in the pond Aunt Gertrude fell into when she was checking if they were male or female! Wait a minute...that was YOU with the magnifying glass. I remember you telling me so :)

  14. We had a labrador about 8 years ago, he was nine years old, given to us by a coworker who was moving to Florida and couldn't take him with them. Mel came from a house with very little activity to my crazy house full of wild children. Every day when we came home there was diarrhea all over the house. Yuck. We only had him a month when he bit my son Jack (who was five at the time) in the face taking out part of his lip. Awful! The dog had to be put down. You are blessed to have a puppy where, once this condition is behind you, you can train him up right to be a kind and gentle dog. I will pray for speedy healing for your dog(s) and patience for you and your family as you deal with the mess he is creating. All will be well!!!!

  15. Poor puppy - Hope he gets better soon.

    I've always liked the idea of a giant tortoise. It would never run away or jump up on your lap when you have just put clean jeans on and of course you could rest your feet on it. Or even use it as a coffee table.

    Chances of being allowed to have one after saying that? pretty low.

  16. Hope Caesar is getting better!!

  17. Anne,
    That's terrible! Poor Jack. I think the transition must have been too much for an elderly dog. Labs are usually pretty good if they are well trained. We are already trying to teach the puppy not to nip. It's kind of hard with a puppy because they are so playful but we bought him a bunch of chew toys and a rope and that helps. He "attacks feet" right now. He thinks they are his "arch enemy" ;)

    Needless to say, with the diarrhea the potty? training is not going so well :(

    Thanks for commenting!

  18. LF,
    Thank you :) You might be onto something with the giant tortoise. Imagine that...a pet who doubles as a table or a foot stool. (I'm beginning to hate the word stool.) They live a long time so it would be a lifelong friend too. Now, why didn't I think of that! Good one!

  19. Thank you, Kathryn :) He seems to be doing a little bit better today.

  20. I had a tortoise once. It kept following me everywhere!


    I have replied to the question you asked me on the Community Blog post "A question of time". It's a long response so I thought better not to copy/paste it here.

    God bless.

  21. Mary, be sure the giardia doesn't infect you and the rest of your family. I feel so bad for you and the poor dogs. It's such a miserable condition. Whoever you got your dog from, their kennels should be inspected and they should pay your vet bills if the dog had it when you bought it. Sick animals just tear my heart out. Especially dogs.

  22. Victor,
    You should go visit LF's site, On with the Motley (it's in my sidebar) - the two of you would get along great! Coincidentally, both of you are talking about cookies today. My computer won't accept's on a diet ;) I'll figure something out, I always do sooner or later.

  23. Barb,
    Yes, this has me worried. We are being very careful to wash and disinfect our hands a lot and I've been disinfecting the areas where he has accidents. The place where we bought the dog is reimbursing us for the vet bills (the ones that have to do with giardia) so that's helpful. We had to cover Zeb (my elderly dog) even though he caught it from the puppy. Thankfully, we caught Zeb's early. As soon as I found out the puppy had giardia I brought Zeb in too. We are happy to have the new puppy despite the problems. He is very sweet :)

  24. Hi Mary, your poor puppy and poor you! That's a lot to clean up!! Did your vet recommend putting your puppy on a bland diet as well as the medicine? My dog has had bouts of diarrhea in the past (very infrequently) and our vet told us to make him ground beef and brown cooked rice. It helped and my dog loved it. Good luck!

  25. Noreen,
    Thanks, Noreen. Yes, I have both dogs on ground beef and brown rice and I am also giving them each a bit of plain yogurt each day. They both love it and I mix the medication in with their food. Both seem to be improving, thankfully! Zeb's never got as bad as Caesar's because we caught it so early (good thing because he's 14-years-old).

    It's been hectic here this past week though!