Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Intercessory Prayer Gifts - Standing in the Gap

We are all called to intercede for our brothers and sisters in this world, however, for some, the Lord has given the gift of intercessory prayer in a special way. Not because the person is "special" (we are all equally loved by God) but simply because it is a particular "mission" that God wants them to focus on and to do for Him. Each person is unique and has certain gifts that stand out more than other gifts and it's good to be able to discern what particular gifts the Lord has given to us so that we can better understand how to use them to help others.

In these times the Lord is calling for intercessory prayer in a powerful way. Differentiating between our duty as Christians to intercede for others and the charism of intercession can help one understand whether they are called in a special way in this area...and many are. I believe this is one of the more common gifts. The question is:

How do we know we are called to this type of prayer in a special way?

Also, are there signs that the Lord is calling us into deeper intercessory prayer? How are we to respond?

First, I'd like to clearly state that we each have spiritual gifts and we all share in the gifts of others. They are used to build the Mystical Body of Christ, of which we are each a part. Some have healing gifts (Father DiOrio comes to mind here), others have supernatural gifts of wisdom (such as Blessed Mother Teresa), words of knowledge, prophecy, teaching gifts, discernment of spirits - the list goes on and on.  These gifts are extremely useful today because of the spiritual burden we are under due to the increase of sin in the world.  One that the Lord seems to be giving in abundance is the gift of intercessory prayer.

I'll start with the first question. How do we know we are called to intercessory prayer in a deeper way?

Those who have the gift of intercessory prayer tend to have deeply compassionate hearts. It may seem to others that they are overly sensitive but this is a necessary aspect of the gift. Without this sensitivity of the spirit to both God and others the gift cannot develop to the degree God would like it to. Others may consider intercessors to be "overly emotional" and impractical people. They may have mood swings (I will explain this further in another post) and they may seem to "suffer" more than the average person.

Intercessors tend to have a strong "pull" to pray for others. It may even feel like a strong pressure upon the soul. Passages in the Bible such as Moses intercession for for the Israelites during the battle with Amelek stand out for them. "As long as Moses kept his hands raised up, Israel had the better of the fight, but when he let his hands rest, Amelek had the better of the fight." (See Ex. 17:8-13).  The passage where Abraham intercedes for intercedes for Sodom tugs at their hearts (See  Gn. 18: 16-33) as well as other passages in Scripture such as Jesus' weeping, His Agony in the Garden, His pleading with the Father on the Cross, " Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."  Passages such as these burn like a fire in their hearts. They are being called to "stand in the gap" for others.

As for the second question, are there signs that the Lord is calling us to this in a deeper way? Yes, I believe there are. This was recently confirmed to me through a book I was reading. Here are some of the signs:

~ Your heart feels heavily burdened despite the fact that things in your life are running smoothly and there seems to be no valid reason for the burden such as mortal sin.  It makes no sense...you confess your sins, love God, pray, and yet your heart is heavy. That is a very common sign of a "prayer burden".

~ You seem to suffer more than the average person and yet there seems to be no logical cause.

~ You have pain in the pit of your stomach that comes and leaves after heavy-duty prayer

~ You get bodily symptoms that make no sense. They come and go (here we are stepping into "words of knowledge" and this can be useful in discerning what you are called to pray for.

~  Names and faces come to your mind over and over again.

~ You have unusual dreams about people or dreams in which you are battling forces of evil.

~ You feel a burning sensation in your body and an inexplicable yearning to pray comes over you.

~ A sense of emergency (like a spiritual 911 call) comes over you. It doesn't let up except through prayer, and you long for "alone time" with God to pray.

~ Offering up Masses and going to Adoration relieves the "spiritual burden" as these are powerful sources of obtaining grace for others.

~ At times it feels as if "the veil of heaven" has parted and you are standing before The Mercy Seat.

~ Tears for no obvious reason.

No doubt there are other signs but the ones I listed above are very common. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me write this post and I hope it is helpful to others. If these things happen to you then you can be assured that God is calling you strongly as an intercessor. The answer is to pray, pray, pray. I'm working on another post on this subject about prayer warriors and how to use this gift.

I pray this post is helpful to others. Thank you, Lord, for these words. May they bless others as they have blessed me (long story).

(This post has been updated - Intercessory Prayer link.)


  1. WOW! Really? What the heck are you reading?

    I have experienced many of the *signs* you mentioned...more so than not. I have especially been called to pray for those dealing with miscarriage and infertility but also others that come to mind *out of the blue*. I also have been led to pray especially for those suffering from demonic influences.

    Well, this is not about me but yes...this post was extremely helpful and your words have blessed me. Thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Thank you so much for this post, it has helped me to get to know this gifting a lot, now I know wy wy get so moody, and that I go through so much, this has helped me a lot

    2. Your helping a lot of people to get to know their gifting marry by posting this

  2. LOVE this post!
    So true!
    I'll refer to this on my blog.
    Blessings and have a great day!

  3. Mary, Like Theresa said here, I too have experienced many of the signs you mentioned. I have even woke up(always around 3 am) and have a person on my mind and I just pray until the feeling has lifted.

    Thanks for this post.It is great.

  4. Theresa,
    Yes, I'm already aware that you have this gift. In some people it's extremely obvious, in others it's harder to discern. I believe this is part of the reason you feel "pinned" to the cross so much. I have prayed a lot for you recently and it comes as no surprise to me that you "understood" this post immediately. As for the book I read:
    I needed a confirmation from the Lord on these signs of intercessory prayer. I walked into a used bookstore the other day and asked the Lord, "I don't really have time to browse. Can you give me the books I need? I then randomly picked four books. All are good. Would you like me to send them to you after? One is called, "Beyond the Veil" and it confirmed some of my thoughts on intercessory prayer. I also received a confirmation through a prayerful person yesterday and took this a "go" on the post. I asked for the Holy Spirit and the Little Flower's help in writing it and it poured out so I am thankful it spoke to you.

    1. Tried to reply earlier may have not gone through I have had several dreams about people I don't even know and then I have dreams too of people in Africa it hurts spiritually so much sometimes that I don't want to do it anymore but God has been waking me up again lately and giving me dreams again one was about being pregnant which I can't cause I'm too old can u tell me why please email me if u can thanks Carol

  5. Madeleine,
    Thank you. I appreciate the feedback :) God bless!

  6. DG,
    You know you have this gift :) Yes, I get the middle of the night "wake up" calls too. Our lady uses you as a prayer warrior, but I don't have to tell you that, do I? Lol! I think Our lady is smiling at your comment! Mine too!

  7. What a generous offer! Who is the author on "Beyond the Veil"?

    You are blessed to have that kind of used bookstore around! Let me know what you think of the others the Spirit led you to. I am immersed in Merton right now (and so loving it!).

  8. This is a great post Mary. I thank you for posting it.

    Do people with this gift know "who" to pray for - even without that person asking them?

    God bless.

  9. Theresa,
    Her name is Alice Smith. I've never heard of her before. I grabbed the book randomly because of the name. I use the term "parting the veil" all the time in prayer so the title "Beyond the Veil" grabbed my attention. Plus, "and the veil of the temple was torn in two" is a favorite verse of mine in the Bible. There were some aspects of the book that I found very interesting and helpful.

    The used bookstore is great. Despite my feeling "repulsion" over spiritual reading at times the Lord seems to provide the books that I need at the right moment. The children's books are $1.29 and the adult books are $1.99. I have picked up a number of Thomas Merton books there but I've never seen the one you are reading now there yet. I am going to keep my eye out for it.

  10. Mary,
    I have always thought of intercessory prayer as a somewhat general gift, so to speak~meaning we are all called to it. Which we are, but after reading your post I can see that it is also very special and specific gift/charism for some.
    While I am not really sure that I have been given this particular charism, I have had a few of the indications you listed, especially the one about dreams. I don't usually put a lot of stock in dreams, but occasionally I dream of people that either I have not seen in awhile, or lost contact with. I always take that as a sign to pray for them. I sometimes think it means I should contact them.
    I was also wondering if there are ways to know if we are sort of squelching the gift through our sinfulness or due to things in our past? Once again, I have gone on too long, so I will stop now :)

  11. Victor,
    Thank you. Sometimes God lets them know who (and it can be a bunch of whos at once) they are to prayer for and sometimes He keeps the knowledge away from the person who is praying for reasons of His own. But the "prayer burden" feeling is there and you pray until it lets up. For example:

    My nephew races motorcycles. One day a few weeks back my sister was on her way to one of his races when she got one of these "prayer burdens". She prayed intensely the whole way there. Come to find out, her son had had a horrible accident during the race. People were amazed that he escaped relatively unharmed. They told my sister that they couldn't believe he was alive. She "knew" he was in trouble and obeyed the prompting to pray. My sister is very good at picking up these "prayer promptings" and I have been the recipient of her gifts at times. My mom has this gift in a powerful way.

    Sometimes the Lord will even give specifics about the situation, especially in a spiritual or physical emergency. Here is an example of this: http://openingthefloodgatesofmercy.blogspot.com/2009/08/power-of-intercessory-prayer-pt2.html

  12. Victor,
    By the way, my mom held back in this post. She actually had a vision that this lady was shot. I think I wrote about it somewhere in my archives. I don't think many of us (my family) would be alive right now if it were not for my mom's intercessory gift. It's pretty weird but she is right on the mark most of the time. Even details such as times have been given to her in the past.

  13. Karin,
    I'm going to e-mail you about this one later if you don't mind . I'll explain why in the e-mail.

    I believe we can squelch the gift through grave sin. I don't believe that forgiven sins of the past can squelch it, on the contrary, I believe that God uses our pasts to inflame this gift. Or so I have been told.

  14. I just ran across all of this, and wow! I'll try to keep this comment short, but I have had these very specific calls to pray on specific occasions. One example: One morning I had a sudden urgent feeling to pray for a friend named Trish. I did so, and the nudge was so strong that I prayed through the day. I'd lost touch with Trish through life's drawing us in different directions, but the feeling of urgency had been SO strong that I decided to call our mutual friend Susan after dinner, to see if she'd heard from Trish lately. During dinner, I got a phone call from Susan... to let me know that Trish had been rushed to the hospital that morning. There have been a number of other such things, but I said I'd keep this short (ooops...!). Thank you, Mary, for providing such clear teaching on a beautiful and much needed gift. (oh, and Trish recovered)

  15. Nancy,
    Great story! And a perfect example of intercessory prayer! Thank you for sharing it. God wants prayer warriors like this and He wants us to be open to responding to His call. It's "teamwork" at its best. I call upon the angels and saints to intercede with me often. They are great intercessors :)

    I'm glad Trish recovered!

  16. This is very powerful, Mary! I can relate to some of the emotions but, much as I would wish it, none of the other signs are strong enough for me to think that the calling is any more than normal human compassion. I think I struggle too much with prayer for this.

    But, on the reverse side, I have had a couple of really strong convictions that someone is praying for me, Mary - especially, during my conversion. I knew a lady who died 6 months before my conversion and, though she wasn't a Catholic, I had a really strong feeling of being surrounded by her prayers. She had suffered a lot in life and was still searching for the truth when she died.

    I do sometimes wonder if God is calling me to pray for the Holy Souls, as I seem to get a strong desire to offer up Masses for people I know who have died - but I'm not as focused as I should be and not always consistent about doing it :-/

    Thank you for a great post, Mary - it's very inspiring:-)

  17. Vicky,
    People don't have all the signs at once, they just manifest themselves in different ways for different people. Some may have a number of them at the same time. Some people simply get an overwhelming urge to pray with the sense that it is an emergency and they must listen. Some people like DG, myself, and others get awakened during the night to pray. The pull to pray can take many forms depending on the individual. I get a number of these signs at once (probably because of I am dense) but I don't usually have every single one at once.

    I often get the pull to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory too. What I recently started doing is asking the Lord if they may come to Mass with me and fill the empty pews. Mass gives them great relief and gets them out of Purgatory quicker. Offering up your Masses for them is a great idea!

    1. Gets them out of purgatory quicker? At what rate would that be? Does this mean everyone in there or just a few particular people? If your prayer can save people from hell than you are preaching the Gospel is not the only means of salvation. Why then did Christ need to die?

    2. Anonymous, Christ died to save us from our sins, that is a given. You have never prayed for others? That they would find salvation in Christ?

      I would like to say that the Gospel does not save us, Jesus does. "But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Tim. 3:14-17

      As far as your questions about purgatory, here is a link that may help you understand why Catholics believe there is a purgatory: http://www.catholic.com/blog/tim-staples/is-purgatory-in-the-bible

  18. Came over via the link from Madeleines blog and so glad I did I really really loved this post. What an awesome gift for anyone to have

  19. Mary, I love the image of inviting them to mass, filling the empty pews! That is truly the Holy Spirit's inspiration!

  20. thank you for this interesting and informative post! hmm..guess this is not one of my gifts!!
    the conversion of our family came about from the intercessory prayer of others...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  21. Great article. I did not know about all of the signs either but I have discerned this gift in others. Often they feel such a strong pull to pray for others and cannot imagine going through their day without doing so. Often, it becomes a major part of their prayer life on a daily basis.It is so awesome to see because you know it is from the Holy Spirit.

  22. Mary thank you for sharing. Enjoyed this as I totally believe in intercessory prayer. Blessings my friend.

  23. Hi Jo-Anne;,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! You are my kind of lady - I was just on your blog laughing myself silly at your post: Guess What I Am In A Mood! I love people with a great sense of humor!

  24. DG,
    I figure God would say yes to this prayer because He loves these souls so much and He hates empty church pews. I bring them to Adoration too and I try to remember them often during the course of the day.

    I have a tendency to joke around a lot but I am very serious about some things :)

  25. DG,
    I figure God would say yes to this prayer because He loves these souls so much and He hates empty church pews. I bring them to Adoration too and I try to remember them often during the course of the day.

    I have a tendency to joke around a lot but I am very serious about some things. This is one of them :)

  26. Mom to 8,
    Thanks for stopping by! Loved your blog!
    Moms to eight are blessed with many gifts. I can count 8 of them already!

  27. Hi Colleen,
    As a spiritual director I'm sure you come across this regularly. I'm a bit in awe of you ever since reading your book The Third Floor Window you know - I never realized that God could heal in this manner just by reading someone's words. It still boggles my mind.

    Today at Adoration I prayed that God would increase (or bring awareness of) the gifts of others. The Church needs it so much.

    God bless!

  28. Hi Grace,
    Me too! God is generous when it comes to sharing His gifts with us!

    I hope your new bird is adjusting well. He's adorable! I don't dare show the picture to my daughter ;)


  29. Mary,

    Great post. You've given us lots to think about.

    I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I see how many people and causes need prayer. I find myself praying more for the people who are suffering in ways I have suffered: the bereaved especially. There is definitely a pull there which is missing when I think of other causes I could be praying for.

    The Holy Souls? Like the bereaved, I pray frequently for them.

    When we suffer perhaps we realise just how in need of prayer we are and it turns our thoughts to offering prayers for others. I always find it so comforting to be able to use my own sufferings for the good of those in need. Though sometimes I feel I don't suffer nearly enough to cover all the prayers I am asking. I know that all I have to do is unite those small sufferings with that of Jesus on the cross and miracles of grace can be achieved. I forget this sometimes!

    God bless!

  30. Sue,
    You make a good point here. Often the Lord uses our own circumstances to help others. We know the pain they have suffered and we feel great compassion for them and God uses this to draw us into prayer for them. There are some intercessors who are mostly drawn to praying for one or two particular groups of people like you are. Some people are pulled to intercede mostly for priests or for post-abortive mothers for example.

    I loved these words in your comment: I know that all I have to do is unite those small sufferings with that of Jesus on the cross and miracles of grace can be achieved.

    If only everyone would do that, Sue.

    God bless!

  31. Intercessory prayer...what a wonderful gift. Some may be called to do or exercise this gift more than others, but I am so thankful we can all intercede on behalf of our Christian brothers and sisters.

    Great post, Mary.

  32. Hi Mary,
    Yes, we are all called to pray for one another, thankfully :) Some are called more strongly in this area while others God calls to different "jobs" and each of these missions is important for building up the Body of Christ here on earth, of which He is the Head.

    Thanks for commenting!

  33. This is just wonderful and so familiar! Thank you for this post! I am glad you found my blog so I could find yours :-)

  34. Hi Monica,
    I just left your site! Loved the post on Blessed Kateri! She was my favorite saint as a child (and St. Tarcisius).

    Thanks for your comment :)

  35. Mary,
    I will have to read the books you recommend! You seem like a kindred spirit! Is someone with the gift of intercessory prayer also a victim soul? I may have to email you! And I want to read more of your posts.

  36. Monica,
    A victim soul would certainly fit the bill! Please e-mail me at anytime - my e-mail is in my profile. Pardon the "potty talk" posts...lol. Victor (Time for Reflections) insisted ;)

    Victor, if you see this...yep, I'm playing the blame game (grin).

  37. Last night, I couldn't sleep. My mom has been trying to tell me that when I wake for no reason at night or have my "insomnia" that God wants me to pray for someone. I never really understood it until I had a terrible dream. Even then, I thought the dream was a nightmare. It involved a child being held at a house we had moved out of a year prior. I was trying to steal the child, but I didn't know why. I just wanted to get the child away from the house. I didn't understand it and had a strong urge to do something, but what could I do? I didn't realize it was from God. I thought I was crazy. I couldn't call the police and tell them about the dream... they would just laugh at me. So a few months later, I ordered something online and it shipped to my old address, crazy?!? The guy called my old landlord, who contacted me, and I stopped by to pick up the package. My old neighbor was outside and I asked her how things were going with her new neighbors. She said they had been through quite a few and explained the most previous, before the ones that called me, were grandparents who were just thrown in jail for molesting their grandchild. I felt sick. Completely disgusted. So disappointed for NOT doing something. I spoke to my mom and that is when she told me, God wanted you to pray for that child. It's heartbreaking. I've had other dreams before that felt like "deja vu". I always thought God was trying to warn me against danger in MY future. Now I realize a lot of those dreams were probably meant for me to pray for others. I am very interested and excited to begin this journey.

    Last night, I posted on facebook:

    2:40 a.m.
    Tossing and turning, can't shut my mind off. So finally I tell myself, if it's after 2:30, I GIVE UP! Look at my phone... and it's EXACTLY 2:30!! Guess I'm going to keep on counting, get distracted by the million things running through my head, and then start counting all over again, LOL!! I think it's going to be a starbuck's kind of day!!!

    3:45 a.m.
    God was calling on me tonight... Instead of turning on the TV and giving up on sleep, I kept silent... my mind wandering. I started praying for my children, protection of our home from the enemy, baby Gabriel with the tumors in his eyes, a friend of a friend's little girl that has cancer, all the children with cancer and their families, homeless people all over the world, and in the middle of the prayer for my sister-in-law, I heard my phone... "message received" notifying me of a voicemail. There was NO voicemail. In fact, I believe it was God speaking directly to me! My momma has been telling me for years that God would keep me awake or wake me from sleep to pray as He has done to her so many times... I need to REMEMBER THAT the next time I THINK I have insomnia!! I love you momma and I am so lucky to have you guiding me spiritually! You are such a blessing! Good night world!!

    A friend of mine posted:

    Awesome, intercessory prayer is a gift. I feel God has called me to that too! I had never heard the term before! I stumbled upon your blog, not by accident!!

    My question is... you mentioned mood swings and said you would discuss in a later blog. I can't seem to find the information.

    I'm not a morning person. I'm almost always tired. I get major eye pain behind my left eye with no apparent medical condition after multiple eye exams, neurologist appointment, MRIs and CT scans. I have mood swings and get so upset with myself. I have suffered from depression for most of my life. I am very sensitive and compassionate towards others problems; health conditions, broken hearts, etc.; but then again, I am very selfish. I feel very socially awkward and always play negative scenarios in my head for saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing and drive myself crazy wondering how others portray me.

    Just hoping you can point me in the right direction or explain the mood swings.

    I love your blog! I am so happy that I found it!!

  38. Hi Anonymous,
    After reading this I would say that it's extremely likely that you have an intercessory gift. Can you send me an e-mail? (I got an e-mail about this yesterday and was wondering if it was you?) I found your comment very interesting for various reasons but it's a lot to sort through in the comment section. Thanks! My e-mail is in my profile.

  39. Yes, that was me that sent you an email. I will forward it to you again. I didn't know if you received it or not. I need to sign up for an account on here but haven't gotten that far yet. Thank you!

  40. Did you get my 1st e-mail about the book? I'm sending you another one too. Working on it now :)

  41. I haven't received anything by e-mail yet. I just sent you another e-mail today... there was a very tragic loss of a family friend yesterday. My heart is breaking. I wonder if your email went to my junk folder. I delete it often, but I will add you as a contact now. Thank you.

  42. Hi , i just stumbled across your blog, and as I was reading it I'm moved with tears. I'm not sure why, but I have most of the characteristics you described on your post for intercession.

    I m super sensitive but quiet, when i pray i often am crying for no apparent reason. Yes - even my cousin said i have gift of prayer. I do have insomnia lately. My dreams are usually vivid.
    For a while i been trying to find a ministry i could do at church, only today have i realised that i should be part of prayer ministry. I guess my only fear is i do tend to weep when i pray for others, and afraid of what others will think.

    Lastly,with regards to being moody I'm just that as well, and i do suffer too .. I m wondering too, can you provide more details about mood swings ? Thanks Arabel

  43. I would also like to know more about the mood swings. Thank you.

  44. Thank you so much for this post, it is very encouraging.

    I can't tell you how encouraged I am to see that I am not the only one with this gift, that the overwhelming urge is not mine alone to bear!

    I was told by an older woman, when I was quite young, that this was my gift, and since have not heard of many who even acknowledge it as a gift of God the Holy Spirit.

    I have worked on my own, with the Grace of God, to make my gift and emotions more effective, but have always been hesitant to share with anyone HOW God the Holy Spirit works in me through this gift, it might seem too intense or bizarre to them.

    So thank you again!

  45. I'm so happy I found this. Always looking for information on what I'm going through since I don't feel like I can relate to anyone in my life about this. I have all on the list and more. The hardest thing for me is spiritual warfare at this time. Although I hear names and see faces I believe my heaviest burden right now is for my husbands salvation. I think most think I'm depressed, but I know in my heart I am not, just contsant heaviness. The Holy Spirit led me to a book called Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets. The section on travailing prayer was very helpful. Thank you for this. Its much needed.

  46. Hi, I just discovered your site this afternoon. Just typed is intercessory prayer a spiritual gift? and decided to click on this. I'm kind of reluctant to put this in print but... I've been in touch with a catholic charismatic friend, who lives in St. Louis,MO for the past 22 years or so. We've prayed over the phone since I'm in IL. Just yesterday, after sharing a bit how our days had gone and after he had prayed for me ( I call him primarily to ask him to pray for me, to get this clear) he believes that Jesus "gave" him a prayer word ( I coined them as such long before I found out at a Catholic conference, sponsored by Shalom Media I believe) in which Jesus tells me that I've been given a very special gift of intercessory prayer. Have never heard of this being a gift and ..... just decided to type online, as I stated at the beginning of my post and see what happened... It doesn't necessarily mean that your intercessory prayers are "answered" more than others who intercede right? Have scrolled briefly through some of the posts. I believe that I may have it, but don't think that I've experienced some of the other signs. God bless. Will bookmark this to check for further comments. Tanya

    1. Tanya, I believe the gift of praying for others (interceding) is a blessing to the one praying and the one prayed for.
      Just as many are gifted in Teaching/Preaching they are doing God's work as we are doing God's work by praying as He asks us to. He gives us special insight so we can pray more effectively, specifically or immediately.

  47. Hi Tanya,
    I updated this post a bit - you can find it here: http://openingthefloodgatesofmercy.blogspot.com/search/label/intercessory%20prayer
    In answer to your question, no I don't think the intercessor's prayers are answered more often but that because it's a specific call from God it is one He wants to answer at that time. Intercessory prayer somehow releases help for those in need in some way.

  48. Thank you for the blog. It explained things I had been wondering about.
    I had a strange experience I still don't understand properly:
    Had a frightening dream I had cancer and no cure. It was so scary I got out of bed came downstairs and started to pray: I felt I had to repent of my sins and it was urgent but the scariest part was that I could not pray or intecede for my daughter at all; my last chance to pray before dying and I couldn't do it! I was really terrified! It took a lot of prayer before I could pray intercessory prayer. I went back to bed feeling better. Next morning I found out my friend's mother had died of cancer in the early hours.Was I interceding for her or was she interceding for me? - or a bit of both?

    Also wanted to ask if anyone has suddenly felt angry about something or even something but they can't say what? Can that also happen to intercessors?

  49. Great stuff here. Many thanks! This is the closest and most specific I have come in my search for information concerning the intercessory calling. May the Lord God Almighty bless you and increase you greatly

  50. Someone has been doing witchcraft and evil things towards me. I have been sick, confused, drained energy. I need powerful prayers to break me free. Please pray for me, I am out of strength. I am sick. In Jesus name let all be broken. I am Carlos

  51. Thank you for this post. I am an intercessor and have always been. When family needs someone to pray they will ask me. I cry anytime I see others crying and ask God why but now I see. I also have the burning in parts of my body and didn't know that meant it was time to pray. I just thought it was Gods presents. I use to say hello Holy Spirit when I felt it. I will pray now when this happens. Thank You again.

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