Monday, June 25, 2012


So it's like this folks:

Randy "punished" our puppy, Milo, for peeing on the rug by sending him to his crate a few times after finding the "evidence". Never say dogs aren't smart - yesterday, Milo lifted his leg on the rug and then quietly walked into his crate and "punished" himself.

Yep, it's a dog's world out there and my home is their giant toilet.


  1. Yes, blogging is a real
    life my occupation is a pooper scooper/pee picker upper. I'm often peeoccupied with this duty it seems. As for training a pup:
    "Man plans, God laughs."

    In case you were wondering :)

  2. LOL. I need to hear this because I keep thinking I want a puppy and maybe I don't really....

  3. Mary,
    It's the Lord's way of teaching me no to be too attached to "things"

    Milo would have been easy to train if my dog Caesar hadn't gotten to him first. I had Milo potty trained in a couple of days but he kept seeing Caesar "going" anywhere he pleased and followed his example :(

    They do go outside too if that's any help...

  4. This reminded me of the following line from The Sound of Music where Maria says,
    "You know how Sister Berta always makes me kiss the floor after we've had a disagreement? Well, lately I've taken to kissing the floor whenever I see her coming, just to save time."

    Sorry about your rug.

  5. Mary,

    This happens to me many times too. No one believes that it wasn't me who peed on the rug!

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    Yep, that fits in perfectly with this post :)

    The rug will live I expect. Not for long though.

  7. Hi Victor,
    I don't believe you either. I think that's the reason you wear kilts so often.

    Do you get sent to your crate? Or do you bring your laptop into the dog house with you?

  8. Oh boy ... How do I say this?

    Kilts can be quite cumbersome when men ... stand up ... and ...

  9. Victor,
    Didn't you read the title of this post?! Lift the kilt, my friend, lift the kilt!

    Better yet, GET IN YOUR CRATE!

  10. adorable! Tell you hubby the crate has to be a positive place...POSITIVE! LOL! Like going to Church...all peaceful and homey : )

  11. Thanks, Grace...I guess poopy puppy number one was not enough :)

  12. Hi Theresa,
    He knows but was frustrated since sometimes it happens right after Milo comes in from outside :) It's funny, because they never, ever, go to the bathroom in their crates but they GO in my crate!

    This is the first time we've crate trained. I never knew a dog would love a crate so much. I used to be against it because they look like cages but my dogs LOVE them and stroll in and out of them when they are tired or need quiet time.

  13. Me too...I always thought them cruel until I started fostering a couple of years ago...lifesavers! My little dog loves his crate, but only at night...weird. I can leave my huge pit mix and him (dachsund/Italian Greyhound) together with no's been a year already.

    I FEEL your floors show the evidence of a couple of years of fostering pups.

  14. You too, huh? Well, they are worth it though ;) Glad your dogs like their crates too. I find that crate training makes them less anxious. I wish I had known more about it years ago - I had a schipperke who was such a stressed out dog and I think crate training would have helped him.